11 Things You Need to Know About Lynx Point Siamese Cats

Lynx point Siamese cat looking at the camera

Lynx point Siamese cats are a variant of the Siamese breed. They are a mixed variant formed through the mutation of a household Tabby point cat and a Seal point Siamese. When wanting to have a Lynx point Siamese at home, you might want to know about a few of their distinctive attributes and characters.

Lynx point Siamese are no different to regular Siamese leaving a few traits they own to themselves. Such as their slightly different personality, lesser need for assurance, lesser shedding of hair, along with a few other characteristics.

This article will help you look into the important details of owning a Lynx point Siamese. You can go through the facts and I hope you can realize that they are indeed extremely adorable and a great choice to make when wanting to have a house cat.

11 Things to Know About Lynx Point Siamese Cats

Besides being kind of the given – adorable house cat, a Lynx point Siamese has a few unique traits that you should know about. I have 11 details piled below, that you need to know about Lynx points before you bring them into your home.

1. Lynx Point Siamese Cats are Rare

It might sound like I am putting Lynx point Siamese cats on a pedestal. But a common question in terms of this breed is – are Lynx point Siamese cats rare? The answer to that is yes, they are a rare breed to come across and a very special one to miss out on.

As I have already mentioned, Lynx point Siamese are formed through mutation of two separate points- a household Tabby point and a Seal point Siamese. Thus, they are also known as solitary cats who are hard to find.

A special feature Tabby cats are known for is the “M” mark on their foreheads. It is a distinguished trademark that all cats of their breed bear. And being the result of mutation, sometimes Lynx point cats also acquire this mark on their foreheads.

The mixed breeding also results in the laid-back nature of the Lynx point Siamese – about which I mention further in this article. Siamese cats in general having the reputation of being a very active and vocal breed. But this rare personality inclusion of a Tabby point in Lynx point cats makes them different within their Siamese family.

2. Lynx Point Siamese is Calmer Compared to other Siamese

As you know by now, Lynx points are a result of the accidental breeding of Tabby point cats and pureblooded Seal point Siamese. Thus, they acquire the calmness of Tabby cats. Tabby cats are calm by nature and are the go-to domestic cats. Sometimes they are even shy- which is one of the reasons behind the less jumpy behavior of Lynx point Siamese cats.

Lynx points are known as the relaxed and easy-going brother of a Siamese- again, a trait they acquire from Tabby origins. Siamese cats being very vocal and noisy in comparison, it can be said, Lynx point does not get that personality from their Siamese family.

Other Siamese cats want to be heard and meow a lot. However, Lynx points Siamese do not have this restless nature of Siamese, rather are quiet and less action-ready in comparison.

Most households need to child-proof their house when they have a Siamese. But, with a Lynx point, you might not even have to child-proof your house at all.

Traditionally, cats are known to knock things down, mess things up in your absence. But don’t worry about that. Lynx points are often not even considered traditional cats due to being particularly calm natured in comparison.

This also means, Lynx points very likely will not mess things up in your absence. Instead, they will perhaps sleep, be by themselves, entertain themselves, or play with the toys you leave for them.

They have American shorthair cats’ genes in them, which tones them down to calm cats. Thus, when thinking of a Lynx point, just think of a toned-down version of Siamese.

3. Calm yet Playful

Even if not as restless as regular Siamese, Lynx points are playful. When there is the involvement of anyone in the house they recognize, they would be very playful, eager, curious, and attentive. They will respond, be chatty which they would not be when your attention is divided. In my opinion, they are an active participant when they are engaged in activities.

Almost seems like their personality was sculpted according to the liking of people with a love for cats with less restless nature. Lynx point Siamese has attained the playful, intelligent, and loyal nature of Siamese, just leaving out their agitated identity.

Lynx point Siamese cat playing with the cup.

4. Attention Seeking is Not in The Nature of Lynx Point Siamese Cats

The calm nature of Lynx point Siamese cats simmers down their expressions and actions regarding portraying eagerness. Do not be mistaken, Lynx points love attention, are playful, and are friendly but will not push further for having your full awareness like Siamese cats usually would. Unlike the nature of cats, who like being left alone, regular Siamese are clingy cats.

It is amazing how being a part of the Siamese breed, Lynx points do not show the cravings for attachment as much as regular Siamese do. Despite the reputation cats have in general of having “the famous carefree nature”, Siamese cats demand time and your consciousness.

They have a reputation for seeking attention in various ways. As I have already mentioned, they are vocal and meow a lot. This has given them prominence in being chatty. When desiring to grab the attention of humans, their body language changes as well. Anyone will easily classify Lynx points the same way, but surprisingly, Lynx point cats are not like that.

With that being said, if you go out a lot and want a cat that can handle himself, Lynx point Siamese is the one for you. But remember, they are observant. Do not leave them when you are off on a vacation, they will notice it. The best choice is to take them along with you.

But also know, Lynx points are not carefree. They will just not seek out attention as much. If they get it, it is great, but if they do not, they will let it be. Perhaps, that nature makes them a part of the cat society even more.

5. Lynx Point Siamese are Affectionate Cats

Lynx points might not crave attention as much, but that is for themselves. They however are very loving towards their owners. You may say, they are grateful. It is not a very common feature in a cat, as cats mostly have the popularity as pets who own you, rather than you owning them.

They are intelligent and they understand when they are being given love and time. The appreciation will show in their way of cuddling around your leg or even stroking you anywhere around your body as gratitude.

6. The Color and Patterns Are Unpredictable and Distinctive

The color and patterns of Siamese cats are already exclusive. They come in four known variants- Seal Point, Chocolate Point, Lilac Point, and Blue Point. However, due to the mutation with Tabby point cats, this particular version of Siamese has an identification of their own.

Lynx point Siamese are half versions of Tabby points and rest like a Siamese. They may come in apricot color, cinnamon, caramel, and even red. They might have other color variants in their body, which depends on the kind of Siamese that is breeding with a Tabby cat.

Often with the “M” mark after birth, like the one Tabby cats have on their foreheads, Lynx points have a mixture of the stripes like Tabby cats and light and dark contrast like Siamese. Now, the color might be any from the above I have mentioned, but these features will be present for sure.

The rings of color in their body go out from their legs, cheeks, and then to their tail as well. The stripes may also appear on their ears. As they grow older, whatever deep color in the light and dark contrast they acquire gets darker. This unique pattern makes them even more different and special.

However, colorism might not even get impacted by genetics. Siamese cats contain a specially modified gene that has traits of albinism. Albinism causes pigmentation to develop in the hair. This is often further impacted by the weather or climate they are in. Thus, that may also have a major role to play with the color of the mixed breed- Lynx point Siamese.

7. Training Lynx Point Siamese Might Take A lot of Your Time

Siamese cats are stubborn when it comes to teaching or training them. And Lynx point Siamese are not too different in this case. The nature of not being pushy for attention and being calm- keeping in mind that they are cats, might also indicate stubbornness and pride of Lynx point cats.

You probably already know that cats are often described as proud animals who do as they will and when they do it. Even though Lynx points are attentive, calm, and playful by nature, does not mean they are eager to be told what to do.

Cats are commonly known to hate showers and dislike being splashed with water. For instance, if they experience that with you while they are being trained for a shower, they might get irritated and will give you a hard time. They will initially not obey you.

If they have fallen asleep at the wrong time, they would rather not be disturbed, even if it is time to eat or give them treats.

Similar to Siamese and other cats, they will learn when it suits them and when it feels necessary. If you are willing to grow close to your Lynx point cat, try taking it out for walks but make sure you have a leash. Walking outside is interesting for cats as their nature is to stroll about.

Just don’t lose hope, as Lynx points out, Siamese cats are not impatient nor disobedient by nature. They will learn- you just have to give them some time. Try to find out a method to meet them halfway.

8. Lynx Point Siamese Cats Do Not Shed as Much as Regular Cats

Lynx Points have short hair compared to other cats. And so, they shed less than other cats. The short hair on their bodies will help you in saving time and unnecessary cleaning throughout the day. That being said, it also means that they are low maintenance cats, who do not need intense grooming.

However, less shedding and shorted hair does not guarantee that their hair will not cause allergies. No cat in the world is hypoallergenic. Sneezing, watery eyes may be common even with short-haired cats. The only way to get through with it is by having a regular clean-up routine with your Lynx point Siamese.

In short, if you are bothered by cat irritants, then Lynx point Siamese is the one for you because of lesser chances of allergies. Nevertheless, it is hard to say what the human body is allergic to, thus be sure of it before you get yourself any cat.

9. They Are Not a High Maintenance Breed

As Lynx point Siamese shed comparatively less, it also means that their grooming time is reduced. Sometimes, grooming cats with long hair takes up a lot of time and effort. It also messes up your dress, carpet and even might pollute the air in the house.

Maintaining their hair growth and having to clean up after their hair fallouts is way easier in comparison. You also do not have to worry too much about hair in the air- which causes sneezing with long-haired cats.

Also, since Lynx point cats do not crave too much attention, you do not have to always worry about keeping them satisfied. Leave them alone with their toys if that is what they are up for. If you want to play, they will play as well.

Thus, the effort you have to put in general behind cats, as cats are mostly high maintenance, is not an issue to be bothered about in terms of Lynx point Siamese.

Their diet is general, exactly what is recommended for any cat. All you need to maintain, for a healthier life for them, is to feed them the proper and balanced amount of proteins, whether it is dry or wet food. Minerals and fat are also important for all cat breeds.

In short, there are no requirements of external care for a Lynx point Siamese.

10. Average Longevity of a Lynx Siamese Point Cat is 15 – 20 Years

As per many observations, it is said that a purebred cat usually does not live long compared to cats of mixed breed. Lynx point Siamese cats are a mixed breed- the result of breeding between Tabby point cats and purebred Seal point. This assures that they have genes that help fight diseases better than that in other cats.

Thus, they live for 15 to almost 20 years. Compared to other cats, this is remarkably longer. However, knowing the calm and composed nature of Lynx points, with a little more care, watching them live longer than 20 years might not be uncommon.

Generally, Lynx point Siamese can weigh from 5 pounds to almost 12 pounds. Male Lynx points are known to get bigger than female cats. They might reach 12 pounds easily. Female Lynx points, however, might weigh 10 pounds.

This nevertheless differs based on the amount of care and diet it has. If they are very active with their daily activities, they might weigh 10 pounds.

11. Lynx Point Siamese Might Be Prone to Some Diseases

It cannot be specified what kind of diseases a Lynx point Siamese might succumb to. But there are a few known diseases that might affect them over the years.  Such as lung infection and vestibular disease. They also might catch fleas, causing them skin issues.

Kidney diseases are also very common in cats where it puts a huge impact on their health. This disease also influences the premature aging of a Lynx point Siamese. It can result in weight loss, reduced appetite, and even early death. The weak immune system due to the sickness also makes them prone to leukemia infection.

If you already have a cat in your house, who might have feline leukemia, it is better to not get a Lynx point Siamese in the same environment at all.

The effective remedy to that is the maintenance of a proper diet for them, which includes all the nutrition a cat needs. Also, regular clean-up and visits to the VET will help to stay ahead of these issues.

Is the Lynx Point Siamese the Right Cat for You?

A Lynx point Siamese is pretty much the same as regular Siamese with only a few differences. If you want a cat that has the calmness of Tabby cats and the unique looks of a Seal point Siamese, then Lynx points are a beautiful blend of the two.

Lynx points are well-mannered cats and are lovable to their owners. They are playful but will be the right fit for you if you want a less restless pet in your household.

If you have a pet shelter in your area, you can adopt from there. Even though in general Lynx point Siamese might cost 300 dollars up to 800. Nevertheless, adoption is always a better choice and costs less.


Lynx Point Siamese cats are wonderful to have in a household. I personally really fancy this variant from the Siamese family. The unique stripy body, personality, and behavior makes them special cats. They are affectionate, loyal, and curious too, just not very forward about it.

I hope the 11 things I have mentioned about them in this article, help you reach a final decision and you get yourself a Lynx point Siamese. Trust me, they are going to be your favorite members of the house!