Are All Seal Point Cats Siamese? Dispelling the Myths

Seal point siamese cat with blue eyes watching at the distance

The seal point coloring is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says Siamese cats. Color patterns like this are pretty common among these cats. But, are all seal point cats Siamese

All seal point cats are not Siamese. Even though their popularity in the market has made them the face of the seal point mark. This particular seal-point patch or seal can also be found in some other cat breeds.

Also know that some Siamese cats may not even have the seal point pattern at all but have other color variants. In this article, I will talk about other cat breeds which might have the seal point mark. So, stick around till the end to find out more.

What Are Some Other Seal Point Breeds Besides Siamese?

There are other breeds besides Siamese that are seal point cats. While Siamese is the most acknowledged one, here are a few other breeds that are just as adorable and distinguished. These breeds sometimes may or may not have a seal point color combination.


Balinese cat

This breed is also called the long-haired Siamese purebred. The color combination on their body is silky white and the nose, ears, paw pads, and tail are deep brown.

There are two varieties- contemporary and traditional Balinese. The contemporary Balinese have shorter coats while traditional Balinese have two inches long coats over their bodies.


Birman cat

Birman cats have small round ears of dark brown colors, matching the legs, tail, and even their faces. However, they have white paws by birth. They look like socks or gloves as it is a contrast to their dark legs.

The color of their body is silky cream with a very light fawn connecting to their darker points.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cat looking at the camera

This breed has a very sharp seal point combination. The deep brown to blackish color starts from their nose, up to their ears, and may cover the entire body at the back to their tail. Some Cornish Rex cats have paws, tail, nose, and ears as deep brown color combinations with a white body.

Besides that, the color combination may also be fawn to cream and deep brown on the points.

Devon Rex

Cute Devon Rex cat

Devon Rex may sometimes have a seal point. The deep colors are mostly limited to their nose and ears while some extend from the tail to their lower backs.

The color of the body depends on the deep points- for example, if they have darker points extending to the lower back, it is seen that the color of the body ends up as fawn to white.


Seal point Himalayan cat

Himalayan cat breeds have varieties of color variants like Siamese cats. But when they are the seal point kind, their bodies are completely white to fawn depending on how dark the points are. If the points are not as dark, then they have a deep brown face, sometimes limited to just their nose. Their paws are always deep brown to black toned.

Variants beside seal point in a Himalayan breed include- lilac, red, blue, blue-cream, seal lynx, cream tortoiseshell, chocolate tortoiseshell, and many more.


Javanese cat

This breed sometimes may have a very general type of seal point coloration. The ears to forehead reaching nose have a brown-black point that matches the tail. Other than that, the whole body is silky white.

Minuet or Napoleon

Minuet cat or also known as Napoleon cat

This breed was previously known as Napoleon, and has many color variants. The seal point variant however is just like any other but it extends greater. Half of their faces are black and reach the ears that extend to their back to their tail.

The paws of a Minuet cat are white. The front body part extending from their necks are white to their bellies.


Seal point Ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cats are similar coloring to Himalayan and Minuet cats when they have a seal point. They have dark brown ears and noses. The paw pads are also a mixture of dark brown with white. Their bodies are mostly fluffy white-coated.

Some Ragdoll cats may also have fluffy tails with shades of black and fawn. Some have their nose white with ears and the area around the eyes black and fawn.


Snowshoe cat

This breed has a beautiful fawn body at the back with a unique combination of white at the front extending till its mouth. The face has a coloration of fawn and black at corners with ears deep brown matching the deep brown tail.

Snowshoe cats have white paws that once again seem like socks in contrast to their deep fawn to brown legs. Some Snowshoe cats however may have white legs as well.


Thai Cat eating

Thai cats are very similar to Siamese seal point cats. Their tails, legs to paws, and face extending to ears are dark brown to black. Their bodies are fawn to cream-colored, making their seal point very vibrant.

Some Thai cats may not have a dark brown face entirely. But they will have dark brown paws and tails with ear outlines matching them.


Tonkinese cat chilling

Tonkinese also has variations in their colorings. The seal point coloration in their bodies is fawn and ears, nose, paws, and tail are dark brown. The fawn body of Tonkinese cats sometimes covers up the white parts of their bodies giving a cream-colored shade.

The other variations that Tonkinese cats have are- platinum mink, blue mink, and champagne mink.


Sphynx cat

Sphynx cats sometimes also have seal points. The nose is black but that is it on their faces. Sometimes the deep point may also cover the ears. However, the rest of the body is mainly white up to the tail.

As you can see plenty of other cats have the same seal point pattern. Now, you might be wondering why this specific color pattern occurs in some cats. I’ve talked about that a little later in this article.

Do All Siamese Cats Have the Seal Point Coloring?

No, all Siamese cats do not have the seal point coloring.

Even though Siamese cats are generally reputed as seal point cats, besides this, Siamese cats have other color variants as well. There are four different variants of color combinations- seal point, blue point, lilac point, and chocolate point.

Seal Point Siamese Cats

Seal point siamese cat with blue eyes watching at the distance

Siamese cats with seal point variants usually have a cream or pastel fawn-colored body. Their faces are mostly the dark versions of the combination where the color is – dark brown. The color spreads out from their paws to their tail and even their nose and ears. The paw pads of seal point Siamese are also dark brown, as well as their nose leather.

Blue Point Siamese Cats

Blue Point Siamese Cat wants to play

This variant has a combination of a bluish white color on a Siamese. The points on these types of Siamese are deep blue but come as an outlook of brown shade. Bluepoint Siamese has slate-greyish colored paw pads and a nose.

Lilac Point Siamese Cats

Lilac Point Siamese Cat laying down

Siamese cats with lilac point variants have a white body- considered extremely pale bodied. The points are pinkish-gray to a color that can be mistaken as chocolate light brown. The color of their nose is cinnamon pink. The paw pads are cinnamon pink as well which matches with their nose.

Lilac point Siamese may get mistaken with blue point Siamese, as the overall shade of the two variants come out as blue-grey.

Chocolate Point Siamese Cats

Chocolate Point Siamese Cat

This variant is a mixture of ivory to white as the bodies of chocolate point Siamese cats. The points are the color of milk chocolate on the paws and also their tail. Their nose and ears are also milk chocolate color but sometimes they are darker than that. The nose and paw pads however are sometimes cinnamon pink to even a darker brown shade.

Chocolate points are often mistaken as seal point cats but one is light and the latter is darker.

Reasoning Behind This Unique Coloring of Seal Point Siamese

As kittens, Siamese cats are mostly white. The development of dark spots slowly comes out as they grow up. Leaving their blue eyes, everything else slowly changes- whether they are seal points, or any other variant, the color slowly spreads out. The pattern that is generally on Siamese cats is the outcome of genetic mutations.

But, the coloring often depends on the temperature and climate of where you live. Siamese cats are known to have temperature delicate enzymes. This often causes the dark coloration to take place on the cool sections of the cats’ bodies. And their tails get the warmer tones.

Thus, the climate impacts the slow deepening color of your Siamese. The color of the fur might also change as they get old due to the temperature.


Seal point Siamese are one of the most popular cats and are widely shown on movie, animation and other media. That is why many people mistakenly conclude all seal point cats as Siamese. But now you know that it’s really not the case. In fact, many Siamese cats don’t even have the seal point color pattern.

I’m sure that after reading this article you won’t be making that mistake anymore. Thanks for reading. And until next time, farewell.