Are Siamese Cats Better in Pairs?

Siamese cats are one of the most popular breeds to keep as pets. They are known for their captivating and exquisite looks and their playful nature. If you are looking for a happy and active little furry friend and don’t want a dog, a Siamese cat might be ideal for you.

Siamese cats have exotic features. Their coat can range from Greyish white to Cream with a slightly brown tinge. Though they are usually known for their striking blue eyes, you can also get Siamese cats with brown or black eyes. But they are not just popular because of their looks.

They are some of the friendliest cats you will ever meet. However, if you want them to be happy, you will have to take into account their behavioral habits and meet their socializing requirements. Here we list some of their dominant personality traits that will help answer the question “Are Siamese cats better in pairs?”

Siamese Cat Behavior

If you’ve ever owned one, you probably know what the term curiosity killed the cat means. You are not likely to find a cat more curious and active than the Siamese cat. However, their curiosity can be curbed to some extent as long as you provide them with ample activities to occupy their minds.

Siamese cats are incredibly active and playful. They love to run around and play until they tire themselves out, at which point, they turn to you to cuddle. They absolutely love to give and receive affection, and you will find them seeking you out multiple times a day to tell you about what they’ve been up to.

They also like to keep an eye on their owner. So, if you find them perched at a high place just staring at you, know that they want to keep an eye on you to make sure they know what you are doing. They are incredibly athletic, so climbing up and down is an easy task for them.

We suggest you prepare yourself for a few jumps and scares as it takes a while to get used to a Siamese cat in the house. These feline beings absolutely love playing with their owners and get quite bummed if not given proper attention and time.

In fact, Siamese cats tend to go into depression if not given enough love and affection by their owners. Some studies also claim that the lack of love greatly reduces their lifespan and gives rise to many health problems among Siamese cats.

So, if you find your Siamese cat trailing behind you all the time, wanting to sleep with you on the bed, or constantly seeking you out, know that it wants your love. In fact, they will sit with you and watch your favorite TV show.

You may even find them enjoying it as much as you do and reminding you. For them, it becomes an activity they share with you, and thus, watching TV becomes an extremely important task of the day so long as they watch it with you.

Siamese cats are incredibly talkative, and you will find them purring on your lap quite often. Some people find this habit of their cat quite annoying, while others enjoy it. But Siamese cats are excellent communicators and can tell you exactly what they want when they want it, making your job as caretaker and companion a lot easier.

However, we do understand that owners cannot give their pets the same level of attention all the time. You may be working long hours or be busy with other tasks and responsibilities that leave you with little to no time to spend with your cat. Suppose that is the case, then you may need to get your Siamese cat a companion.

As mentioned earlier, they need a companion, or else they may get depressed and have a shorter lifespan. The good thing is, if your Siamese is unhappy with the current situation, they will definitely let you know. The ideal thing to do would be to get your Siamese a companion.

Choosing the Right Companion for Siamese

Not all cats pair well with Siamese cats and through no fault of the latter. Some cats are generally a lot more aggressive than and just not as playful as the Siamese is, which can lead to conflicts within the house. Thus, you should choose their companions wisely to ensure both your feline pets are happy and healthy.

You will have to take certain personality traits of the Siamese cat into consideration when you start searching for a companion for them.

  • They are curious – You will need to get an extremely patient cat to become your Siamese’s partner as they will likely want to know everything about their new partner. If the new cat does not have patience, there will likely be some serious conflict between the two.
  • They are very talkative – Again, you will have to make sure their companion is patient and quite social to be able to put up with the Siamese cat.
  • They are quite energetic and playful – You want to choose a cat that is truly unfazed by anything. They should be able to stand their ground even in the eye of the storm because a Siamese cat is nothing less than a hurricane. Ideally, their companion should be just as social and playful as them so they can both enjoy each other’s company.
  • They are very loving – While most cats love physical affection, some do not prefer being touched. In fact, they avoid physical affection of any sort. Such cats do not go well with the Siamese cat at all as the Siamese is very loving and affectionate.

Here are a few suggestions for what species to pair with the Siamese cat.

Siamese and Siamese

They will both be like two peas in a pod. In fact, you will not be able to pull these two apart no matter how hard you try. They will share the same temperament and will play around the house together. It may be a little too much for you to handle as they can both be quite demanding in terms of affection from you.

You may also find the both of them running around and jumping at you quite overwhelming, so be wary of that before you get a Siamese and Siamese pair. However, these two are meant to be together, and both of them will truly be happiest with someone from their own kin, or in their case, species.

Main Coon and Siamese

The Main Coon is another one of the more popular pet cat species. It is known for its extremely friendly and adorable nature. The Main is perfect for you if you want to get your Siamese a companion that is social and playful but not needy like your Siamese.

These two will be best buds and will engage in various physical activities together. You will likely find them napping together at the end of the day when they have successfully tired each other out. The Siamese and Main both love to cuddle and chill with their owner, but the Main is a little more understanding and won’t bother you if you are busy. They are calmer in temperament and will balance out the hyperactive energy of your Siamese.

Siamese and Abyssian

Abyssinian cats are probably the most stereotypical cats, look-wise. Their features are angular, yet the look on their face is soft. They are incredibly friendly and social cats who love humans and other animals. However, much like the Main, they are slightly less hyper and are very easy to keep as pets.

They thrive well with Siamese cats. Both of them are incredibly active and playful, but the Abyssinian is a little calmer. They are just as athletic as Siamese cats, though, and you will find them both climbing sofas and jumping on shelves. So, keep your expensive pottery safely locked away or displayed in cabinets your cats can’t reach.  

Siamese and Siberian

Siberian cats are also super affectionate and incredibly playful. In fact, they have an amazing zest for life, and they tend to mature a little slower. So if you like the playful kitten vibe, the Siberian cat is ideal for you. They are extremely social and pair well with all other cats with a similar temperament. Thus, they pair well with Siamese cats.

In fact, both of these will be partners in crime. You will find them frolicking about and poking their noses where they don’t belong. They will be an inseparable pair, and you will love the cuddles you will get from both of them. The love and affection they give will take the stress of the day away from you.

Final Word

The simple answer to the question “Are Siamese cats better in Pairs” is yes. We suggest that you get them in pairs when you do get them. Doing so will help ensure that there are no problems between the two cats later on because no matter how friendly your cat is, they tend to get a little jealous when they see their owner’s attention being divided and shared.