Are Siamese Cats Vocal?

Are Siamese cats vocal?

With their stunning fur coats, mesmerizing blue eyes, and immense love for their owners, Siamese cats make for fantastic pets. Besides their unique appearance and attention-worthy personality traits, Siamese cats are known to be expressive.

Known for their distinctive meows, these wonderful pets are often known as ‘meezers’ due to the toddler-like sounds they emit. Just like babies, their meows can sometimes get very annoying and incredibly persistent. While most times they have a real reason to meow, other times they do it because they’re simply bored.

In this article, we’re going to dig deep into a common question most cat parents ask before adopting a Siamese – Are Siamese cats vocal?

Are Siamese Cats Vocal?

The simple answer is yes; Siamese cats are vocal. In fact, they are one of the most vocal cat breeds you will come across. The main reason behind the vocal nature of Siamese cats is that they are a highly social breed that yearns for attention.

Are All Siamese Cats Vocal?

Yes, all Siamese cats are vocal. However, there’s always a reason behind their meowing. Your Siamese may be the quietest baby sometimes, while other times, it might just not stop meowing. Siamese cats are, by nature, very needy and attention-hungry animals.

They long to spend more time with you and interact with you as much as they can, and use their vocal nature to communicate with you.

It can be hard to generalize how all Siamese cats voice themselves. While some meow loudly and consistently, others make meow in a similar way to a human baby.

Why are Siamese Cats So Vocal?

Popular for their dog-like behavior, you will often find your faithful Siamese cat running around the house, guarding you, and sometimes being a little too clingy. Another dominant personality trait of this unique breed is their urge to be vocal all the time.

Here are some reasons why Siamese cats are vocal. 

They are Looking for Attention

While their looks are reason enough to love them, they aren’t the only reason that makes Siamese cats an excellent addition to your family. Siamese cats are highly intelligent creatures that are known for their sociable and affectionate nature. Their behavior is often described as ‘dog-like’ because most cats are known for their aloof and unfriendly attitude.

Siamese cats are the friendliest felines you can expect to come across. This lovely cat breed craves human affection like no other and often goes out of its way to seek it. If you expect your cat to leave you alone during your shower or not bother you while you’re working, then a Siamese probably isn’t the right fit for you.

The point is that these felines require more attention than any other cat breeds and although there are many ways to keep your kitty busy while you do your thing, they will eventually need your attention. So, if you fail to give your Siamese enough attention, they will resort to loud meowing and vocalizing. 

Many people also attribute their entitlement of human attention to their royal past of the breed. Although people domesticated cats much later on than dogs, Siamese is one of those specific breeds that have enjoyed the luxuries of the indoor life. Siamese cats were adopted in Thailand as early as the 14th century, giving them plenty of time to learn to ‘talk’ to humans.

They are Bored

All animals, and maybe even all creatures, get bored! That’s why the human and animal toy industries are thriving like no other. However, while it’s true that cats require mental and physical stimulation to avoid boredom, Siamese cats may need a little extra dose of stimulation!

Siamese cats can get extremely bored without constant human attention and interaction, pushing them to seek out other types of stimulation. Also, a bored cat is a restless cat, and therefore, your Siamese may keep you up all night with its constant meowing. The ideal solution is to keep your Siamese cat as busy as possible for both yours and their mental peace.  

If your Siamese cat is bored due to loneliness, you should consider introducing a new Siamese or another animal that will get along well with your friendly feline. If your Siamese cat meows due to boredom from time to time, then you should consider giving them some cool toys, such as plastic balls, or think wind-up toys to play with.

They are Trying to Communicate Something

Siamese cats are incredibly intelligent creatures that know that the only way to get something is by vocalizing it. So, a major reason behind your cat’s excessive meowing is probably that it needs or wants something. Just like children, Siamese cats will bug you with different questions throughout the day.

“When is dinner?” “Can you play with me?”

They do this by vocalizing everything in the form of meows!

They are Hungry

Siamese cats often get very noisy when they’re hungry. If you typically feed your cat according to a schedule, you may find them meowing excessively during dinner time since they know it’s time to eat. Also, if you feed your Siamese whenever it’s hungry, they’ll probably meow all the since they know that noise equals food.

Other Reasons

Your Siamese may also meow due to pain, loneliness, stress due to new surroundings, or a routine change.

How to Keep a Siamese Cat from Meowing

The constant, loud meowing of your Siamese can be learned behavior. Like with children, when you respond to their cries and give in to their wants, they know that all they have to do to get something from you is to cry. Siamese cats display the very same behavior, and to top it off, it can be pretty hard to say no to them.

Next time you’re planning to treat your Siamese cat when they’re very vocal, think again. Here are a few ways to train your Siamese to positively garner attention from you.

Meet their Basic Needs

First, it is critical to ensure that all a Siamese’s basic needs are met. Once that’s done, give them affection when they are quiet. That way, they’ll know that this affection is given just because and not due to their screaming.

Give them Time

If you’re out of your cat’s sight when they’re loudly meowing, all you need to do is show them your face or be in the same room as them. Most times, they simply want to be in your presence, and letting them know you’re around can help quiet them down considerably.

How to Stop a Siamese Cat’s Excessive Meowing

If your Siamese is constantly vocal no matter how hard you try to make it stop, here are a few tips and tricks that may help:

Pay a Visit to the Vet

Your Siamese may constantly be meowing due to pain, which may be an indicator of a medical concern. If you even get the slightest hint of any potential medical problem, bring your cat to the vet right away.

Feed them on Time

If your cat mostly meows for food, trying maintaining a feeding schedule. Ignore their loud meowing and only feed them when they are quiet.

Give them Toys

Control your cat’s excessive boredom meows by giving it some toys for entertainment. Keeping an interactive toy around or installing a scratching post or cat tree will also help.

Bond with them

Siamese cats can often fall into depression due to lack of attention, which can result in excessive and persistent meowing. Since they have an intense need to bond with their human parents, you should probably opt for another breed if you don’t have enough time to play with them.

Get Another Cat

If you believe that you spend enough time with Siamese, but it still seems lonely, perhaps, you should consider adopting another cat. However, bear in mind that Siamese cats can be very needy and territorial, so unless your cat has a calm nature, it might not be the best solution to bring in another pet. If you’re desperate to introduce another feline into both of your lives, then make sure to do so gradually.

Wrapping Up

Siamese cats generally have a very vocal nature due to their agreeable and friendly personalities. If you own a Siamese cat, you probably already know that their vocal behavior is usually a way for them to express their need for attention, food, or entertainment.

Amongst other reasons, Siamese cats may also seem vocal due to their talkative and sociable personality. They often use their meows as a way to communicate their needs. So, if your Siamese ever wants something, they’ll definitely let you know!

The easiest way to control your Siamese’s meowing is to learn why it’s doing it in the first place. The best way to go about this is to analyze your Siamese’s meows and see when they stop. That way, you’ll have a clear idea of how your pet’s meows alter according to its needs.