Dos and Don’ts of Introducing a Siamese Cat to Another Cat

Dos and Don’ts of Introducing a Siamese Cat to Another Cat

The Siamese cat is the oldest and most well-known breed of cat found across the world.  These cats are known to be loving in nature and have a playful and sweet personalities. They do not have a hard time adjusting to their owner and get attached fast. In fact, Siamese cats are known to have a “dog-like” affection towards humans.

However, when it comes to introducing a Siamese cat to another cat, things can get a bit tricky. You need to be cautious and take it slow so that neither cat gets overwhelmed. There are three things stages you need to be mindful of- separation, visual contact, and full contact.

In this article, you will learn how to introduce a Siamese cat to another cat so that both get well-adjusted and do not fight with each other.

What is a Siamese Cat Like?

What is a Siamese cat like?

A Siamese cat is no different from any other ordinary cat. It is, however, one of the oldest breeds of cats that came from Thailand. Back in the day, Siamese cats were thought of as royalty.

These cats are known to need companionship; otherwise, they get lonely. They have an outgoing nature and can seem attention-seeking. Since they love being social, you will always find them trying to look for new ways to be affectionate towards their owners. If you spend long hours at work, it is preferable not to keep a Siamese cat as it will heavily suffer being all alone at home.

This may come as a surprise- while some cats like having their own space and enjoy doing their own thing without the constant presence of humans, Siamese cats are different. In fact, they will get in the way and demand constant attention from people who spend the most time with them.

Siamese cats have unique personalities. They are very different from other cat breeds, especially in their interaction with humans. They can be high maintenance and demanding. First-time owners would have a hard time adjusting to the Siamese nature. Siamese cats are also very talkative- they will use their vocals to constantly communicate with their owners throughout the day. It is good to keep them distracted by providing stimulation in the form of puzzles and toys.

Apart from their constant need for love, these cats are extremely intelligent. They learn new skills extremely fast and like trying new things. Their intelligence is what makes their communication with other cats easier.

Introducing a Siamese Cat to Another Cat- The Dos

Introducing a Siamese cat to another cat- The dos

1. Keep Your Cat’s Personality in Mind

The previous part of the article described the personality of a Siamese cat. However, that does not mean all Siamese cats will share the same personality.

It is important to figure out what your cat is like. You need to understand when your cat likes to be left alone. If your cat has never been introduced to other cats and usually spends all its time at home, you may struggle to introduce a Siamese cat to another cat. Hence, it is essential to understand your cat’s personality and behavior patterns.

It is also important to understand the age difference between two cats. For example, kittens are always more hyper and active than older cats. Keeping both in a single room may make the older cat feel irritated as it may not match the younger one’s energy levels. Instead, you can allow the older cat to observe the little one play and slowly let it build its interest.

2. Let Both Cats Smell Each Other

A sense of scent is extremely important, especially in animals. This is how they decide if they like each other and whether they feel safe.

When introducing a Siamese cat to another cat, take it slow. Start by letting one sleep in the other’s room. This way, they will get used to each other’s scent. However, remember that making them switch rooms for one day will not do any good. You may have to keep this up for a few weeks before they accept each other’s presence in the house.

3. Encourage Both Cats to Look At One Another

If both cats are not reacting well to each other and start having territory issues, do not worry. You can start small by allowing them to look at each other through a baby gate.

All you have to do is ensure that the gate does not open all of a sudden. Let both cats look at one another and slowly understand each other. Once they are ready and know how the other looks, start by slowly opening the gate. Do not force them onto each other. Instead, give them the time and space to interact with each other themselves. Familiarizing them before is important.

Introducing a Siamese Cat to Another Cat- The Don’ts

Introducing a Siamese Cat to Another Cat

1. Do Not Make Them Rush the Process

When introducing a Siamese cat to another cat, the most important thing to remember is not to hurry. You must have patience at all times; otherwise, your cats may hate each other for a lifetime. The introduction process is of crucial importance. While some cats get along instantly, some may take up to a few months to be comfortable around each other.

If you find that the cats are fighting with each other, do not feel discouraged. The way a cat responds to another cat depends on its behavior and personality. Even though both cats may take some time to adapt to one another, once they do, nothing you do will be able to tear them apart. Remember to love both cats equally so that the other one does not feel left out.

2. Do Not Leave Them Alone

Leaving cats unattended, especially two stranger cats is the worst thing you can do. Even though allowing both cats to mingle with one another and get to know each other is important, it must always be done under your supervision.

While growls and occasional hisses do not need to be paid too much attention to, do not allow one cat to physically attack another. If this happens, intervene at once and make sure to discourage the cats from fighting again. You must be around to stop any fight that breaks out; otherwise, the cats may get into the habit of it. When you find that the cats are being nice to each other, give them some love, along with a treat. Always use encouraging words with your cats to show them how well they are doing.

3. Do Not Instantly Assume That Both Cats Will Get Along

Even though there is nothing wrong with being positive, you must under no circumstances assume that your Siamese cat will accept another cat instantly. Even if the Siamese cat is super loving towards you and all other humans, remember that cats react differently to other animals.

The process of introducing a Siamese cat to another cat needs to be slow. First, keep them separated. Then, allow them to have some visual contact. Right at the end, when both cats are comfortable with each other’s scent and appearance, allow them to physically interact with one another.

If you find that your cats are fighting more than usual or that one cat is bossing another cat around, do not let it pass. This behavior is inexcusable and should not be encouraged. Reprimand whichever cat does not behave, and make sure to reward your cats each time they exhibit good behavior.


While you may find having two cats is entertaining, it is also a lot of responsibility. You must make sure to supervise the entire process of introducing a Siamese cat to another cat so that both cats feel comfortable around each other.

In case one of the cats goes away for some time, either on vacation with another family member or to a friend for a short time, this entire process needs to be repeated. Cats usually forget each other and will need to be reintroduced, especially if you want to avoid conflict. After all, they rely on the power of scent to make decisions. When they come back to their home, they may find that everything smells differently.

Don’t worry, though; we assure you that once you slowly reintroduce both cats, they will remember some of the good times they have had. Soon, they will be able to play with each other and will go back to being best friends like before!