Exercises and Games for Your Siamese Cat

Exercises and games for Siamese cats

One of the most prominent traits of a Siamese is their energetic nature. You may find them jumping off your couch or playing with random objects around the house.

These spirited felines need a lot of physical and mental stimulation to stay happy. If not provided with some, they may get bored quickly and indulge in destructive behavior. Various exercises and games are available to keep your cat stimulated and satisfied.

Why Do Siamese Cats Need to Play?

It is widely believed that cats play in order to practice skills, such as hunting, which they would have naturally required for survival if they were in the wild. However, there are some more reasons behind your cat’s playful behavior.

Stress Relief

You may find your pet cat grabbing the nearest toy or object and diverting all her energy towards it. Cats tend to let go of negative energy by chasing and fake-killing their toys. Even scratching furniture is a stress-relieving activity for cats. If you find your cat doing that, it is a good idea to get a scratching post for them.

Physical Exercise

Physical activity is vital for your Siamese to stay healthy. This is one of the main reasons they love playing with toys. Jumping, climbing, and running helps keep them in good shape.

Mental Exercise

Playing certainly stimulates the mind. Siamese cats have an agile mind and playing helps maintain it. If your cat is old, mental stimulation via play can minimize the chances of Alzheimer’s.


Exercises and games help with the mental development of cats. Playful activities not only help kittens discover themselves but also find out about the world around them. For instance, they get to know that hitting a ball with their paw will make it roll away, and biting their own tail would certainly be painful.

Playing helps cats learn the concepts of cause and effect, which is vital for development. Moreover, physical activity makes their muscles stronger and they learn hand (paw)-eye coordination.


Some cats are shy and take time to open up. Exercises and games provide a much-needed distraction as cats are always tempted to play with them. Toys also help cats feel safe in their new home. If you have a shy feline, give her a toy or two to boost her confidence.


It is a good idea to use toys to interact with your pet cat. Siamese are sociable creatures who love to bond with their owners. It is, therefore, vital to play with your new furry friend in order to build a connection with them.

Best Exercises and Games for Your Cat

While cats are generally thought to be quiet and calm, they do need physical activity. Although cats do not require as much exercise as dogs, veterinarians highly recommend games and workouts to keep them fit. Some of the most popular exercises and games for cats include:

Cat Tower

Multi-tiered cat towers are widely available in pet stores as well as online. Cats enjoy climbing to high areas and looking down upon their territory.

Cats who live outdoors love climbing trees as it allows them to survey the world below from a safe place. Indoor cats derive the same pleasure from cat towers or cat trees. Not only does it help them feel more confident, but it also provides them with some much-needed exercise.

Laser Pointers

Laser pointers are excellent for making a lazy cat active. Simply press the button on your laser pointer and aim it on the floor or wall. You will find your cat pouncing on it within no time.

Laser pointers provide considerable mental stimulation for your feline and prevent them from becoming excessively bored. The laser beam looks just like a fast-moving prey to your cat, allowing her to have plenty of fun with it. To conclude, you can lead your cat to a treat as a reward.

Catnip Toys

Catnip is a perennial herb native to Europe. Many cat toys contain dried and ground catnip to attract cats. Nepetalactone is the main ingredient of catnip, which triggers brain chemicals linked to mood and happiness.

Cats usually react to toys with catnip by becoming hyperactive. They may roll around or flip over for about 5-12 minutes. Catnip is not only good for motivating a cat to play around but also helps reduce their stress levels.

Wand Toys

Hunting is a natural instinct in all cats. Just like outdoor cats chase after prey, indoor cats need similar opportunities. Wand toys mimic prey, making them a great source of excitement for pet cats.

A wand toy can simply be a stick with a thin cloth or ribbon attached to one end. You can twitch, wave, or flutter it around so that the ribbon moves in a manner similar to a bird, insect, or another prey. A significant benefit of a wand toy is that it keeps a safe distance between your Siamese cat’s claws and your skin.

Ball Toys

Ball toys are rather appealing for cats. The way they roll around on the floor is similar to the movement of mice and other prey animals. It may be a good idea to insert treats, noisemakers, or catnip inside ball toys to make them more enticing for your cat. Some of the popular ball toys include:

  • Wadded-up paper (you can try a variety of textures and sizes)
  • Ping-pong balls
  • Balls with bells
  • Mylar balls
  • Sponge balls

Bird Feeders and Aquariums

Exercises and games for Siamese include watching bird feeders or aquariums. This can provide considerable stimulation for your furry friend. Cats love watching fish and birds move around in their natural habitat.

You can buy a cat window seat to make it easier for your Siamese cat to view the world outside. Alternatively, you can place a cat tree near a window with actual trees outside so that your cat can enjoy climbing it and watching birds flutter about.

Clicker Training

Your cat’s predatory instincts make it enjoyable for her to ‘earn’ her food. Clicker training is stimulating as well as fun for your pet. A clicker is a small, plastic device that is used to emit a sound that your cat can easily hear.

Take the clicker in one hand and a treat in the other. Show your cat the treat so that she comes towards you. As soon as she does so, ‘click’ and hand her the treat. This way, your pet will soon learn to associate good behavior with the clicking sound.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys keep your feline agile and offer positive reinforcement at the same time. Puzzle toys make cats work for their food. This activates their mind and also fulfills their natural instinct to hunt.

Puzzle feeders and toys are good for slowing down cats who tend to eat too fast. They help build an association between the feeder and eating. You can start by using treats in puzzle feeders and then slowly replacing them with kibble.

Wrestling Toys

You can give your Siamese cat a soft toy that they can paw at, kick, and wrestle with. A popular option is filling a tall sock with cotton batting and carefully tying the end using a ribbon or twine.

Moreover, cats love cardboard boxes and paper bags. You can put treats to catnip inside and leave them open for your cat to explore. They may hide in it, pounce on it, or leap in and out. They not only serve as a good hiding place but are also fun toys. Try keeping a catnip-coated toy mouse inside to make your pet hunt and stalk it.

Rules for Play

Siamese cats love toys that look and behave similarly to their natural prey. To make your feline enjoy to the maximum, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Advance at your cat’s pace. Offer her a variety of exercises and games to find out which ones she likes the most.
  • If your Siamese gets overexcited, they may attack your hands or feet or other pet animals. If things start to get rough, take a break from playtime and start again when she has calmed down.
  • Play with your cat during different times of the day to figure out when she is most inclined to play. Cats in the wild like to hunt before eating and having a nap, so try playing with your cat before feeding her.
  • Pick a space to play which is free from distractions and where your furry friend would feel safe.
  • Keep new toys for particular play sessions and keep rotating other toys. This would help maintain the interest of your pet as cats tend to lose interest rather quickly.

Final Word

You can easily buy cat toys and games at pet shops or online shops. Moreover, you can even make them yourself by searching on the internet. Exercises and games are crucial to keeping your pet physically and mentally stimulated while deterring them from destructive behavior. It is always best to supervise your cat during playtime.