Fun Facts About Seal Point Siamese Cats

A seal point Siamese cat sitting in front of a grey wall

The Siamese cats are known for being one of the oldest breeds in the world. The Seal point Siamese have white to fawn colored coat, which grows darker at the extremities of their bodies, that is, the ears, paws, tail, nose and face. Here are some fun facts about Seal point Siamese cats you need to know:

1. Seal Points Have Albino Origins

Just like the rest of the Siamese varieties, seal point Siamese cats also have albino genes. The alleles (variants of an individual gene) are temperature-sensitive and linked to albinism. The darker points on a seal point cat’s body are the cooler areas, which causes the fur to turn dark.

As Siamese cats are warm inside their mother’s womb, they are white after birth. The genetic mutation only starts to kick in as they age. They are names seal points due to the resemblance of their fur color with that of seals. Seal point colors range from dark brown to brownish black.

2. Their Personality is Unique

You may be aware of how dogs tend to have unique personalities based on their breeds, but you would be surprised to know that Siamese cats are also quite different from other felines. Seal points are dignified, elegant, and independent, making them appear rather aristocratic.

While some cats are quite impulsive and unpredictable, seal point Siamese are the exact opposite. They are set in their ways, and do not like forceful changes.

3. Seal Points Are Expressive

Siamese cats, especially seal points, are known to be rather vocal pets. They would meow loudly if they need something. On the other hand, if they are unhappy, they may give you a glare or an ankle tackle. Most seal point Siamese cat owners rather love this quality.

One of the interesting ways in which seal point Siamese cats show affection in by slowly blinking. They may also wink as a way of showing affection. If you notice your cat doing either of these things, it means they trust you.

4. They Are Possessive

Seal point Siamese cats have interesting personality traits. They tend to get possessive if you seem to give attention to another animal in your house. If your seal point Siamese cat would feel like it is being neglected, it may hover near you and try to attract your attention in several ways.

If you have other pets in the house, your Siamese may perceive them as ‘rivals’. They may become aggressive or territorial even at your smallest hint of affection towards other pets.

5. Seal Points Love Interaction

Seal point Siamese are not the type who like to sit in the corner and mind their own business. They love interacting with their owners and readily jump into their laps. Experts say that these felines may develop separation anxiety if left alone for a long time.

If you do not play around with your Siamese, they can become irritable and cause trouble. So when you find your pet reaching out to you, know that they are simply seeking your attention and communicating their love for you.

6. Siamese Love Cuddles

Siamese cats are rather affectionate and love physical touch and cuddling. As much as they like following you around your home, they are likely to also love making themselves comfortable in your lap.

Although seal point Siamese are not lap-cats, they do like snuggling once in a while. You may discover them sleeping right beside you at night and may wake up with them at your side. As Siamese cats like to give you company, you may see them curled up on the sofa while you relax in your living room.

7. Seal Points Are Playful

Seal point Siamese cats love playing around with their owners. If you own one, make sure you provide them with stimulating toys such as lasers and food puzzles. They provide an excellent way for them to dissipate energy and spend time with you.

Siamese cats are quite smart, which can make it rather easy for you to train them. You can use positive reinforcements to train these cats to do multiple activities, such as sitting or jumping through hoops.

8. These Cats Have a Tendency to Gain Weight

When you imagine a Siamese, a sleek and elegant cat may immediately come into your mind. While seal points do fit this description, it is crucial to know that they have a tendency to put on weight quickly.

In 2003, a Siamese cat held a world record for the fattest cat. If their diet is left unchecked, they may even become obese. Make sure you monitor their food intake and consult a vet to learn more about their diet and healthcare.

9. They May Be Confused With Chocolate Points

Seal points look similar to chocolate points, which is why the two varieties are often mistaken for the other. They have similar color patterns, which is why the confusion is common and understandable.

The key to distinguishing them from each other is by observing the color carefully. Seal points tend to sport a darker hue at the extremities. The coat in the middle of their body may also be darker.

In the 1800s, cat authorities considered chocolate point Siamese to be a genetically defected variant of the seal points. However, by the 1950s, chocolate points began to be considered a distinct type of Siamese cats.

10. A Seal Point Has Lived in the White House

In the year 1878, diplomat David B Sickles sent a seal point Siamese to Lucy Hayes (first lady to Rutherford B. Hayes). The feline was named Siam and used to roam around the White House independently.

Sickles had found out that the first lady was fond of felines, so he gifted one to her all the way from Thailand. Sadly, Siam only lived for nine months and passed away despite the best veterinary care.

11. Seal Points Have Shined on the Silver Screen

‘The Darn Cat!’ was a movie released in 1965 starring Hayley Mills as a teenager named Patricia “Pattie” Randall. The star of the movie is a Siamese cat who assists Pattie in foiling the robbers’ kidnapping plan.

In the film, the Darn Cat was played by a seal point Siamese called Syn. It became the first cat to win the PATSY Award, which was rewarded to animal performers on behalf of the Hollywood office of the American Humane Association.

12. They Once Had Crossed Eyes and Kinked Tails

Many Siamese cats used to have kinked tails and crossed eyes. Cat fanciers saw these traits as undesirable, and slowly eliminated them through selective breeding.

There were several myths surrounding these physical quirks. As per a legend, a Siamese cat was once asked to safeguard a golden goblet for a king. Being loyal, the feline grasped the cup so hard with her tail that it bent and stared at it for such a long period that her pupils stopped focusing properly.

13. Seal Points Have a Long Life

On average, Siamese cats can live for 15-20 years. If they are well-fed and cared for, they may even live past this age bracket.

A seal point Siamese cat is perfect if you want a companion who can stick around for a long time. Scooter, the Siamese cat, was once declared the world’s oldest cat by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Final Thoughts

Siamese cats are interactive, fun-loving, and affectionate pets who get along with children, adults, and the elderly as well. They form strong bonds with their owners, so expect your pet seal point Siamese cat to follow you around the house often.

Not only do Siamese cats have a distinct coat, they also have brilliant blue eyes that add to their beauty. While the Siamese have a sleek built and are rather active, make sure you monitor their diet well as they tend to gain weight quickly. If you are looking for an interactive and loyal furry friend, do consider adopting a Siamese.