How Good Are Siamese Cats With Dogs?

A dog and Siamese cat

Siamese cats are one of the oldest breeds around. They originated from Thailand and were introduced to Europeans in the 1800s. Siamese cats are known to be affectionate, fun and playful.

If you already have a dog at home and you have now decided to adopt a Siamese, you may be questioning their compatibility. A dog and Siamese cat can peacefully coexist, given the right kind of training. Start introducing them to each other gradually and monitor them closely for the first few days.

Temperament of Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are friendly creatures and love to socialize. They are extroverted as well as smart, which is why they enjoy the company of humans. However, they ordinarily form a strong bond just with one individual.

As the Siamese are jolly and active, they need to be supervised often. This trait of theirs is, therefore, similar to a dog’s.

Siamese cats like interaction. If you own one, you may notice how your feline friend keeps observing you and following you around the house. Make sure you only adopt a Siamese if you can give them enough time. They are demanding pets that may get frustrated if you fail to give them sufficient affection.

The Siamese are talkative animals. They meow and purr frequently to attract their owners’ attention. If you are a workaholic with long office hours, make sure you do not leave your cat at home without any activity. Purchase toys from the pet shop to provide your feline with some physical and mental stimulation.

Temperament of Your Dog

It is important to understand your dog’s temperament before you introduce them to a Siamese cat. Make sure you observe their interaction with each other and train them right so that your dog does not end up pouncing on the feline.

For starters, notice the reaction of your dog when they come across something small while on a walk. Observe the following aspects carefully:

  • Do they react to smaller creatures with curiosity and delight, or do they exhibit aggression or territorial behavior?
  • When you show affection to another animal, do they show anger or simply accept it?
  • How do they behave with guests or children in your home?

Understanding the temperament of your canine will help you determine whether it would be okay with having a Siamese cat as a new member of the family. If your dog is rather aggressive and territorial due to their breed or history, adopting a new pet may not be a good idea.

Not only would the cat’s life be threatened, but your dog would feel stressed out due to the presence of an unfamiliar creature in the house. On the contrary, if you have a friendly dog who does not show aggression towards smaller animals, you can easily bring in a cat and help them get gradually get along.

Accessories Required for a Cat Living With a Dog

Cats are generally more sensitive than dogs. While your dog may think of a certain interaction as playful, your cat may feel threatened by it and get stressed out.

If you see your Siamese cat feel uneasy in your dog’s company, move them to a different spot. Having common cat accessories in your home is a good way to keep them busy and help them find peace in the home. Some of the most popular ones include cat shelves, cat tower, and cat doors leading to other rooms.

A cat tower is available in a variety of sizes to fit your space. Opt for one that is robust enough to withstand puppy influence while being tall enough to provide a hideaway for your Siamese. Cat shelves are also a good source of entertainment for your cat and can provide them with a place to stay away from potential harm.

If you are unable to find a suitable cat tower or cat shelves, you can always get a bookshelf made. Once your cat makes their way up, it will feel safe. It can also provide you with a space to store cat toys.

Another useful accessory for your cat is a cat door. However, this option is only viable if you are able to make permanent alterations to your home. A cat door can provide your cat with a safe way to escape from stress.

How to Introduce a Siamese Cat to a Dog?

Now that you have observed the temperament of your dog and understood the personality of a Siamese, it is time to introduce them to each other. Make sure when you first acquaint your dog and Siamese cat with each other, the process is subtle and well-supervised.

Know that both the cat and the dog are unlikely to be thrilled at the prospect of sharing their space at first. It very well take a few months for them to feel comfortable around each other.

Before you make your two pets come face to face with each other, provide them with a toy or two. Having their belongings will reduce the probability of fight or competition between them. Important accessories include:

  • Separate food and water bowls for each pet
  • Individual toys to suit each pet
  • Cushions or sleeping mats
  • Treats
  • Carriers for each pet

Once you have arranged the relevant equipment, make sure each animal has a safe area to go to, such as a spare room or crate. This is crucial because it is difficult to predict how the dog would react after seeing the new member of the family.

Steps to Introduce the Cat and Dog

Here are some simple steps to introduce your two pets to each other:

1. Keeping Distance

Keep them at a safe distance for the first few weeks so that they can adjust to each other’s presence. Let your canine meet your feline by smell only. This can be achieved easily as the Siamese would tend to leave its scent on different objects in your home. By getting familiar with the cat‘s smell, your dog would better understand what to expect.

2. Meeting At A Distance

Keep the dog leashed properly when you first make the pets come face to face with one another. Let them meet from a distance in short intervals throughout the day.

In case your dog displays aggressive behavior, you can train them with a quick jerk on the leash. You Siamese cat may hiss or try to run away, but understand that this may be a normal reaction.

3. Closing the Gap

Next, reduce the distance between the two animals. Supervise the interaction carefully and take note of their behaviors. Keep the dog and the cat leashed as you allow them to observe each other closely.

In case you notice your dog feeling uneasy and preparing to strike the cat, create distance between the two once again. On the other hand, if the dog feels relaxed enough, loosen up the leash a little so that it can step closer to the Siamese.

4. Repeating the Drill

Repeat this exercise many times a day for a few weeks. As you see them becoming more comfortable with each other, gradually reduce the distance between them. After sufficient attempts, the two would become acclimatized with each other’s smell and feel more relaxed.

5. Removing the Leash

Once your dog and Siamese cat seem to get through leashed interactions without any signs of aggression, it is time to get rid of the restriction. Take off the leashes and allow your pets to meet freely for a short period. Make sure you closely monitor the interaction so that you can quickly pull them apart in case of an attack from either side.

6. Easing Interaction

Both your pets are likely to be stubborn at first, and you would need to train them using positive reinforcement.

After both of your pets get used to each other’s scent and presence in the house, you can allow them to get to know each other without careful supervision. Don’t leave the two completely on their own until you are certain that they can get along.

Once your dog and Siamese cat are friendly with each other, make sure you show equal love and care. If you display more affection towards either one of them, the other may feel threatened and resort to aggressive behavior.

Final Word

While Siamese cats have a pleasant and sociable personality, not all dogs may take to them well. A dog and Siamese cat need to have compatible temperaments in order to coexist in a home. Dog breeds that are most likely to become fast friends with your Siamese include golden retriever, pug, beagle, boxer, and cocker spaniel.