How Much is a Siamese Cat Worth?

Siamese cats are one of the most popular cat breeds in the West since the 1880s. With a distinct appearance and a friendly personality, these cats are simply gorgeous. It’s a surprise that they are one of the most sought-after breeds, and their unique demand often reflects in their price. So how much is a Siamese cat worth?

The cost of a Siamese cat can range anywhere between $250 and $2500. The huge variation in price is a result of several factors, including the cat’s color, age, breeding as well as where you get the cat. If you adopt a cat from a shelter, you can enjoy cost savings, but that may require you to spend on the cat’s healthcare expenditure. Moreover, apart from the one-time cost of purchasing a cat, you will need to spend on your cat’s high-protein diet and health care. You may also consider getting a cat’s insurance as the breed is prone to several health conditions.

In this post, we delve in deep to find out how much is a Siamese cat worth?

Siamese Cat Pricing – Overview

There are several determinants of your Siamese cat’s price. The color, age, and where you buy the cat are the three major determinants of the Siamese cat’s price. Moreover, your Siamese cat’s worth also depends on whether your cat is show quality or not.

Let’s look at each of the determinants of your cat’s worth.

The Color of Siamese Cats

One of the most critical factors affecting your Siamese cat’s worth is the color you choose and how commonly available it is. The color is referred to “color on specific points” on the Siamese cat, which includes the cat’s ears, feet, face, and tail.

The Cat Fancier’s Association which is The concerned authority that sets guidelines for showing and breeding cats in the U.S. recognizes four colors points for purebred Siamese cats. These four-color points are:

Blue Point

For a blue point Siamese cat, the body is white, whereas the points are greyish-blue, and the eyes are blue in color.

Lilac Point

Slightly different from the blue point, these cats have a glacial white body, whereas the points vary between greyish to pinkish tones. The eyes are blue.

Seal Point

The Siamese cat’s body is not white. Instead, it is cream/fawn in color, and the points are dark brown. The eyes of such Siamese cats are blue.

Chocolate Point

The body is ivory, whereas the point is chocolate-colored with vivid blue eyes.

While the four-color points mentioned above are the ones that the Cat Fancier’s Association accepts, there are several other variations of Siamese cats that you may find. Some of the variations include redpoint, tortie points, lynx points, and many other combinations resulting from breeding a Siamese with a more common breed. The price of these Siamese cat variations is much lesser than a purebred. However, the price of Siamese cats with recognized points is much higher.

The Age of Siamese Cat

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but Siamese kittens are much more expensive than an adult cat.

The price of a Siamese kitten may range anywhere between $250 and $1000, whereas for an adult Siamese cat (purebred) you can expect to pay anything above $1000.

Moreover, if the Siamese kitten that you want to purchase is a show-quality cat, you can expect to pay as much as $1,500 to $2,000.

Where Do You Buy the Cat From?

Another major factor that dictates your Siamese cat’s worth is from where you buy the cat. There are several purchase options, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Some people opt for purchasing a Siamese cat online, while others prefer to buy them from breeders. Yet, there are a few who will end up adopting a Siamese cat from a shelter. However, where you buy your cat from certainly affects its price.

If you purchase a Siamese cat from an online forum, you may pay less, but then you will have a greater risk of health concerns for your pet, which can cost you in the long run. A very similar risk is associated with your potential pet if you adopt a Siamese cat from a shelter.

On the other hand, if you buy a Siamese cat from a breeder, you may end up paying more, but with that additional price, you can rest assured that you are bringing in a healthy cat home.

Show Quality Characteristics

Apart from the color, age, and where you purchase the cat, a few more factors can affect your Siamese cat’s worth. The Cat Fancier’s Association also identified a certain set of characteristics of a show-quality Siamese cat. Some of these characteristics include head shape, coat texture, and color and length of the tail. You can expect show-quality cats to be more expensive than cats who do not possess the characteristics identified by the association.

Your Siamese cat’s worth depends on four factors

  • Color,
  • Age,
  • Where you buy it from and
  • Show Quality Characteristics.

While these four factors determine your Siamese cat’s worth, there are several other costs that you may be required to incur as you bring in a Siamese cat home. Let’s look at some of the additional costs associated with purchasing a Siamese cat.

Other Costs Associated with a Siamese Cat Purchase

One Time Investment When Buying a Siamese Cat

While you will be spending on the cost of your cat, there are a few one-time costs that you will incur as you bring a new Siamese cat home. Some of the things that you may need for your Siamese cat include the following.  

  • A cat’s bed,
  • Cat carrier,
  • Food and water dishes,
  • Grooming tools such as brush and nail clipper,
  • Litter box,
  • Scratching posts and toys.

You might also want to consider spaying/neutering your pet. Make sure you consult your vet and schedule an early appointment. Again, this is a one-time cost that you may have to incur.

With this list, you can prepare yourself with what you might need to spend on bringing in a new pet home.

On-Going Costs That You Will Have to Incur

Apart from the cost, you spend on your Siamese cat’s purchase; you are expected to spend regularly enough. Your Siamese cat needs a high protein diet, so make sure you opt for good quality cat food for your pet.

Moreover, Siamese cats are more prone to health conditions, so you need to schedule your pet’s regular checkups with your vet. Furthermore, to ensure that your Siamese cat stays in perfect health, make sure you do not miss out on vaccinations that can significantly reduce the risk of several health conditions.

It’s always best that you go for your cat’s insurance as soon as you bring in a new kitten home. The insurance cost can increase significantly as your cat ages and health problems become more pronounced.

Some of the ongoing costs that you will have to incur include:

  • Food,
  • Cat’s insurance,
  • Medications and vaccinations,
  • A new litter box every year.

Why Are Siamese Cats Expensive?

It might seem that getting and living with a Siamese cat is an expensive affair. Parenting a Siamese cat is indeed expensive, but it’s all worth it. The breed bears a hefty price tag for many reasons, but the most significant one is that they are unique and distinct (both in appearance and personality). They are beautiful with unique markings and blue, along with a fun personality that gets along well with literally anyone. And hence there is a huge demand for Siamese cats.

Moreover, Siamese cats are hypoallergenic and shed much lesser than several other cat breeds. This makes it a favorite for individuals who struggle with allergies. Having a Siamese cat would mean a lesser need for cleaning the house and lesser spending on allergy medications.

These ideal physical and personality traits of the Siamese cat are the main reasons why they are much more worthy than other cat breeds.

How Much is a Siamese Cat Worth? – Final Words

The Siamese cat is an expensive breed to purchase with a unique personality and appearance, especially if you go for a cat from a pedigree builder. Along with where you get the cat from, the Siamese cat’s age, color, and quality characteristics also affect the price. So if you are planning to get a Siamese cat home, be prepared to spend between $250 and $2,500 on the initial purchase of your pet. But that’s not it. The true worth of your Siamese cat is much more than this, as it expects you to spend some more as you bring in a new pet home and raise it like your true companion.