How to Entertain a Siamese Cat

How to Entertain a Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are known to be talkative, hyper, energetic, and playful. They seem to have an unlimited amount of love for their owners, especially those who take out an hour or two a day to play with them.

But, how do you entertain a Siamese cat? The best part is that this breed of cats is super easy to entertain. A boring old cardboard box will look like a theme park to them, and they will continue to play with it for hours.

Even though Siamese cats are known to be extremely intelligent, it doesn’t take much make them happy. All you need to know are some tricks and tips to entertain your Siamese cat.

What Do Siamese Cats Enjoy Playing With?

To entertain a Siamese cat, you must provide them with toys that will engage them fully. They like to role play and treat their toys like a prey and predator situation. This means that most Siamese cats view toys as hunting stimulation.

Hence, finding toys that will help stimulate the brain and natural instinct of Siamese cats is important. If you think that your Siamese cat requires too much attention, can be too clingy, and sometimes gets overly hyper, it is time to find a toy that will keep it busy.

Here are some ways to entertain a Siamese cat:

1. Toys

If you want to entertain your cat, do this by giving it a toy that encourages a reaction. Siamese cats have lots of pent-up energy, so giving them a toy that does not make any sounds or produce any movement is of no use.

Instead, make a playroom for your cat and fill it with toys like moving mice, balls, fishing rods, and any interactive you that bounces or make a sound when played with.

The more toys your cat has, the more chances of it staying happy and busy, even when you are not giving it attention.

2. Food Puzzles

If you own a cat, you would know that one of the ways to motivate it is to bribe it with food. Hence, treat puzzles are a wonderful way to entertain a Siamese cat, especially on days you will be home late.

Usually, treat puzzles come in the form of a ball in which you can place a cat treat. The challenge for your Siamese cat is to figure out how to get the treat out of the ball. This is a great way to stimulate the cat’s mind, as well as body.

Of course, you must remember that Siamese cats are known to be extremely intelligent. Once they have understood how the puzzle works, they will soon turn it into a treat dispenser. However, you will find loads of new toys in the market that can help challenge your cat all over again.

If you are looking for a more creative way to entertain a Siamese cat, hide treats in a cat maze or make a scavenger hunt for your cat. This can be a super fun activity for your kitty. However, make sure you do not overfeed it during this process.

3. Cardboard Boxes

No one has really been able to figure out why but cats love playing with boxes. It could be because to your Siamese cat, the cardboard box seems like their personal palace. It is a space in which they can jump around, slide in, play numerous games of hide and seek, or use it as an exciting toy.

Cardboard boxes are super cheap, and there are high chances that you have some lying around at home. They can be turned into the perfect playground for your Siamese cat. Even though your cat will probably rip it apart after a couple of days, you can always replace it since these boxes are so easy to find.

4. Cat Furniture

If humans can have furniture, why can’t cats? If your house has a bit of extra space, it is a wonderful idea to make a special room for your cat. This will keep them entertained on days you are not home and will also result in less of a mess in other rooms of your house.

Fill this room up with some cat toys, puzzles, and one or two cat furniture pieces. Trust us when we say that these things will keep your cat entertained for hours. This is also a smart way to get your cat to stop scratching the expensive furniture in your house or knocking things over and breaking them. Having a room dedicated to your cat will not only make it happy but will also result in less cleanup time for you.

You can also install a cat tree. Cats like to stay on higher ground so that they can be aware of their surroundings at all points. One way to entertain a Siamese cat is to build it a cat tree that includes scratching posts, hiding holes, built-in toys, climbing spots, and lots of furniture.

5. Paper Bags

Just like cardboard boxes, Siamese cats also love playing with paper bags. In fact, you may be no stranger to your cat getting in the shopping bag before you have had a chance to put all your groceries in place.

We really do not know the attraction Siamese cats have to paper bags- it could be the crinkling sound they like, or being in a bag makes them feel safe. Regardless, paper bags are great to entertain a Siamese cat. You can also give it sheets of old newspapers to keep them busy for hours at an end.

However, remember to get rid of the handles of the bag so that your cat does not choke on them.

How to Entertain a Siamese Cat When You Aren’t Home

Siamese cats are not recommended to people who work long hours or spend most of their time outdoors. This is because these creatures cannot bear to be alone. They have lots of love to give and need lots more to function on a daily basis. Of course, that does not mean that you should spend every passing minute with your cat.

We understand that as a human being, you have responsibilities. You have errands to run, other people to take care of, and maybe have to work or go to school every day. Regardless, there will be days when your cat is alone at home. During this time, it is best to keep your cat entertained so that it won’t get destructive or depressed.

Here are some ways to entertain your Siamese cat:

1. Let Them Look out the Window

If you do not let your Siamese cat outside or will be spending the day at work, give your cat a place by the window. This will allow it to watch the world and see what’s happening, keeping it entertained for hours at an end.

Cats who live indoors are stimulated by different sights and the sounds of birds and critters. When you leave the house, keep the blinds open and put some of your cat’s favorite cushions on the window sill so that it can lounge comfortably.

2. Television

If you look hard enough, you will find lots of YouTube channels that have been made for entertaining cats. You are not the only Siamese cat owner looking to keep their cat busy and distracted! These videos feature birds, nature, and mice running from one place to another on the screen. You will also find lots of DVDs made especially for your cat.

If you do not want to turn the TV on or do not have enough time to look for cat-friendly shows, you can simply turn the radio on before leaving the house. The sounds and tunes will help entertain your cat and will ease some of their anxiety.

3. A Cat Friend

If you want to entertain a Siamese cat, why not give it another cat to play with? It is no secret that cats thrive in pairs. Allowing your cat to play with another cat who is just as hyper and entertained is the best way to keep it busy. If you cannot keep another cat in your house, find neighbors who have cats nearby. Introduce both the cats to each other and let them play.

However, remember that Siamese cats are possessive by nature. Before introducing it to another cat, make sure to take all the necessary measures. You don’t want your cat to feel left out or feel as if it is not getting the undivided love and attention it usually gets.

Are you ready to try new ways to entertain a Siamese cat? Let’s get started!