The Various Colors of Siamese Cats

Various colors of Siamese cats

Siamese cats are one of the most elegant and unique cat breeds out there. They have a distinctive coat pattern that makes them instantly recognizable by cat lovers and laypeople alike. Siamese cats have anywhere from a white ivory coat to a dark grey with different colors on their extremities. Therefore, all Siamese cats are born white, and the color of their points begins to show as they grow older. So, you can tell which Siamese cat you have by looking at the points of its body after it grows up. With that said, if you’re looking to get one for your home, it’s best to educate yourself on the various colors of Siamese cats. Here’s a guide on the details you should know.

The Various Colors of Siamese Cats

The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) has accepted only four colors of Siamese cats. These colors are based on the color of their points. That is to say that a Siamese cat’s fur on its face, ear tips, legs,, paws, paw pads, nose leather, and tail have a specific color, i.e., the point, and the fur on the rest of its body is typically white or grey. So, the four accepted color variations of Siamese cats are seal point (black points), blue point (bluish-grey points), chocolate point, and lilac point.

Siamese cats can exist in other colors as well, but that is usually a mix of these color points or other cat breeds. Therefore, you can also expect to see a tabby Siamese cat, but that is not a pure-bred Siamese cat. Take a look at some information on each of the official four color variations of Siamese cats.

1. Seal Point Siamese Cats

Seal point Siamese cats have black, dark brown (seal brown), or dark grey points. On the other hand, the color of the fur on the rest of its body is significantly lighter,  ranging between cream and pale fawn colors. The cat is said to be a black cat, but its genetics only allow the darker colors to show on its points instead of its entire body.

The seal point Siamese cat is the original color of the Siamese cat. So, all other color points are variations or dilutions of this version. Therefore, a seal point Siamese cat is the most common among all the other various colors of Siamese cats.

You should also note that almost every Siamese cat has bright blue eyes. The color variations have little to no effect on its’ eye color—you may only find slight variations.

2. Blue Point Siamese Cats

Blue point Siamese cats are the rarest of all Siamese cats. You can identify one by looking at the points carefully. The points have a blue, cold tone with hints of grey. In addition to that, the rest of the fur on its body has a bluish tone to the white instead of a tan/beige color tone. That said, the bluish-grey color on its paws and legs gradually fade to the lighter white. So, you may notice that its belly and chest are slightly darker than the rest of its body.

The color points on a blue point Siamese cat does not stay the same throughout its life, however. When it’s a kitten, the color of its points is so light that they’re barely visible. The natural color shows during most of its life, and the color of the fur on the points gets significantly darker as they near old age. s

Blue point Siamese cats’ rarity makes them relatively expensive. You can expect to spend anywhere between $800 and $1000 on the cat alone. This does not include the additional expenses of taking care of the cat. In addition to that, show-quality Siamese kittens are significantly more expensive, with prices going up to $2500. The prices of show-quality kittens are typically set high when their ancestors were show cats as well. With that said, you should always consider the opportunity of adopting a kitten instead.

3. Chocolate Point Siamese Cats

Among the official four various colors of Siamese cats, chocolate point Siamese cats have the least color contrast between the fur on the points and the rest of the body. So, the fur on their bodies is the color of ivory. On the other hand, their ears, nose, paws, legs, and tail are all the color of milk chocolate. However, their paw pads and nose leather are cinnamon pink.

4. Lilac Point Siamese Cat

A lilac point Siamese cat is also known as a frost point Siamese cat. This is because the color of its fur on the points is frosty grey with a subtle hint of pink. Like the light points, its body fur also has a bright color, which can best be described as glacial white. There’s no shading on the white, so it’s the color of snow as opposed to the cream, beige, or ivory on other types. In addition to that, its nose leather and paw pads are lavender-pink.

A lilac point Siamese cat is also the lightest colored Siamese cat from the official four colors of Siamese cats. Also, unlike blue-point Siamese cats and other color types, the point color for lilac point Siamese cats does not change (darken) as they grow older. This color type was the third color type to be officially recognized and accepted.

Other Colors of Siamese Cats

Undoubtedly, there are only four official color variations of Siamese cats. However, you may find them in other colors when they are not pure breeds. Some of the various colors of Siamese cats are as follows.  

Red Point Siamese Cats

You can find a red point Siamese cat when it’s a cross of a Siamese cat, tortoiseshell, and red tabby. These cats have a warm white-colored body with pink paw pads and nose leather. These cats are also known as orange point Siamese cats.

Lynx Point Siamese Cats

Lynx point Siamese cats are a cross of a point Siamese cat and a domestic tabby cat. It has striped points, and the colors can vary depending on the color point of the Siamese.

Cream Point Siamese Cats

A cream point Siamese cat is a cross of a Siamese cat, a red domestic shorthair, and an Abys. So, the color of the points is cool cream, and the fur on the body is white/cream. The bost leather and paw pads are pink. From the various colors of Siamese cats, this is one that looks particularly delicate, even though it’s not a pure Siamese.

Foreign White

A Foreign White is an unappointed variant of the Siamese cat, except it has no contrasting point colors. So, its entire coat is a bright white with no shading. Also, these cats typically have blue eyes, like most Siamese cats.

Quick Facts About the Various Colors of Siamese Cats

Even though there are various colors of Siamese cats, all of them are similar in almost every way. Therefore, all of these Siamese cats share similar personality traits, and they have the same dimensions and life span. So, the only difference is the color of their coats. Therefore, you won’t have to take any specific care and safety precautions for a certain color type. If you’re planning to get one for your home, you should know some quick facts about Siamese cats

  • Height – between 10 and 12 inches
  • Weight – between 5 and 12 pounds
  • Lifespan – between 10 and 13 years

You should know that Siamese cats are relatively demanding pets. So, you will have to devote significant time and effort to provide it with care and attention. This way, you can enable it to stay healthy and happy in your family.

Quick Personality Traits of Siamese Cats

You should know what to expect when you choose to make a Siamese cat a part of your family. So, here are a few quick personality traits of Siamese cats.  

They Are Affectionate

Siamese cats are a particularly affectionate breed. They require a lot of attention from you and tend to follow you around the house. Also, you can expect your Siamese cat to spend a lot of time sitting on your lap. These cats tend to also be quite vocal, expressing how they feel to you quite often. So, expect to spend some time talking to your cat as well.

They Are Intelligent

Siamese cats are one of the most intelligent cat breeds out there. Due to their high intelligence, they need to engage in interactive play every day to keep their mental faculties sharp.

Last Few Words

Now that you know the various colors of Siamese cats and how that doesn’t affect their personality or health, you can just focus on getting one that has great chemistry with you from the very start.