Traditional Siamese vs Wedge Head Siamese – Know the Differences

Siamese cats are known for their amicable personality, pointed coats and deep blue eyes. Due to their friendly nature, the highly intelligent and trainable personality is one of the most popular breeds of cats that homeowners want to have as pets. Originally from Thailand, the Siamese cats were brought to the U.S. in the 1800s. Earlier, there was just one type of traditional Siamese cat, but we can now see several variations of these cats over the years including the wedge head Siamese.

The traditional apple-head Siamese cats are loving and affectionate breed of cat that makes an amazing pet. With large circular, blue eyes and a round apple-shaped head, traditional Siamese cats are more muscular and have a heavy body with a short tail. On the other hand, the wedge head Siamese have a far more extreme wedge shaped head along with a leaner and lighter body, wide set ears and long legs along with thin, long tail. While both types of Siamese are a great breed to have at home, wedge head Siamese cats are more prone to health conditions compared to the traditional Siamese cats.

The two types of Siamese cats are not only different in their appearance but they also have a few personality differences that can’t go unnoticed.

While Siamese cats are one of the most recognizable breeds of cats due to their pointed, unique coat, you can find several types of Siamese cats that are different from the traditional Siamese cats. From the original apple-heads, Siamese cats have come a long way.

Today, you can find three types of Siamese cats, including

  • The Original Siamese, which is known as the traditional or “Apple Head” Siamese
  • The classic Siamese
  • The Wedge head Siamese.

This article will discuss the differences between the traditional Siamese (known as Apple heads) and the more modern variation known as Wedgehead Siamese.

Traditional Siamese

The traditional Siamese cat, also known as the Apple head, was first brought over to the U.S. in the late 1800s from Thailand. They were beautiful, intelligent, and were said to possess magical abilities and given their beautiful looks and unique abilities, traditional Siamese, quickly became a popular breed among homeowners looking for pet cats. There were several myths associated with the traditional Siamese cats which allows them to enjoy a luxurious life with the royals. However, over the years, the myths were busted and the traditional Siamese cats also found their way among the commoners.

The traditional Siamese cats are moderate sized cats with males weighing up to 18 pounds with no so great night vision. Some of the distinguishing features of their personalityinclude the following.

The Quieter, Friendly Character

If you take a closer look at the personality of the traditional Siamese, they are relatively quieter than other types of Siamese. And while they are not very vocal, they are friendly, affectionate, playful, intelligent, and gentle. Naturally, Siamese cats crave attention and thrive socially. When left alone all day, these cats can quickly get depressed. It is precisely why most homeowners who choose a Siamese cat are advised to have a pair of Siamese cats rather than having one at home.  

If you compare the personality of a traditional Siamese with a wedge head Siamese, you will notice that the former are not as active and playful as the latter. Rather they would prefer to spend a majority of their time on the sofa or on their pet parent’s lap.

Training Traditional Siamese Cat

Given their high intelligence, traditional Siamese cats are quite easy to train. Moreover, they prefer to stay closer to their owner, which also facilitates the learning process. Often, traditional Siamese cats are regarded as having a “dog-like” temperament because positive reinforcement techniques work best for training traditional Siamese. Some of the great ways to keep traditional Siamese cats busy and active include playing with balls, fetching games, hide and seek and climbing trees.

Taking Care of the Traditional Siamese Cat

A traditional Siamese cat has a short and smooth coat. While gentle, regular stroking is enough to keep the coat clean, brush them once or twice a week to remove any dead fur. If you look at the life expectancy of the traditional Siamese cat, they can live much longer than most other breeds of cats and can live up to 25 years in some cases. And while traditional Siamese cats do not have any significant genetic health conditions, they may develop eye problems at some point in life.

Classic Siamese Cats

A mix of the traditional and wedge head Siamesecats is the classic Siamese cat. The blue eyed, classic Siamese cats are sleeker than the traditional Siamese and have a longer and thinner body. Moreover, their eyes are more slant than the traditional Siamese cats. However, their head shape is not extreme as wedge heads.

The variety of Siamese cat became more popular in 1950s and most people think of this type of Siamese cats as the traditional Siamese cats.

Wedge head Siamese

The latest variation of the traditional Siamese cat is the Wedge head Siamese.The variation of the traditional Siamese cat gets its name from the distinctive wedge-shaped head. But the difference is not apparent in the face cut. Rather, it has long legs, a long thin tail, and a muscular body, making it a show favorite.The breed has longer muzzles and exceptionally large, wide-set ears compared to the traditional applehead. Moreover, it has a distinct voice, and thus, it is louder than the traditional Siamese cat.

The Vocal and Active Character

Wedgehead Siamese is quite active and vocal. They love attention and prefer to be with their owners. Like the traditional Siamese, they also enjoy the company of their pet parents or other cats.

Like most Siamese cats, Wedgehead Siamese is loving and affectionate, and rather than training outdoors, they prefer to curl up on their owners’ laps.

Training Wedge Head Siamese Cat

Wedge head Siamese cats are more active than the traditional Siamese. Moreover, they are easy to train, and they enjoy playing with their owners and toys. With a muscular body and incredible stamina, they can climb well on trees and enjoy the above-ground action.

Taking Care of the Wedge Head Siamese Cat

Just like the traditional Siamese cats, grooming the wedge head is easy. Gentle brushing once or twice a week is enough to keep their coat in great shape.

Unfortunately, wedge head Siamese cats are more prone to health conditions. Given the narrower, unusual shape of their head, they are more susceptible to dental problems. As a pet parent, you may be required to brush their teeth regularly to maintain their oral health. Moreover, their unusual head shape also makes them more prone to heart and kidney diseases along with respiratory problems. While they can live as long as other types of Siamese cats, some of the wedge head Siamese cats may only live up to 8 years due to these medical conditions.

Traditional vs Wedge Head Siamese – What Makes Them Different?

While both the traditional and wedge head Siamese cats have similar personalities, they have different physical characteristics.

The traditional Siamese have a round head; they are bulkier and more muscular and have rounder eyes and shorter tails. On the other hand, Wedge head Siamese have a distinctive wedge-shaped head with slanted eyes and a slender, leaner body, long legs, and long tail. Moreover, due to the distincthead shape, this type of Siamese cats are more prone to medical conditions. Regardless of the differences in physical appearance, both traditional and wedge head Siamese make excellent family companions. They are gentle and welcoming with small children and easy to train.

Similarities Between Different Types of Siamese Cats

There are several differences between the traditional, classic and wedge head Siamesecats. Apart from the physical appearance, the different types of Siamese cats have personality difference as well. Moreover the modern, the wedge head are more likely to experience health problems due to the unique shape of their heads. However, there are several similarities that you can’t miss out on.

All types of Siamese cats are friendly and easy to train and make an amazing pet. Moreover, perhaps the only feature that is consistent in all types of Siamese cats is the color of their eyes. Siamese cats, regardless of their type, always have blue colored eyes which is a result of the recessive gene found in this type of cat. In fact, the blue eyes are a result of a gene mutation that affects the color of their eyes and their coat.