What to Consider When Buying a Cat Tree for a Siamese Cat

What to Consider When Buying a Cat Tree for a Siamese Cat

Just like human beings, cats may need furniture as well. Many people think that this is a joke, but we are here to assure you that pets need furniture as well. If you are thinking about buying a cat tree for a Siamese cat, we are here to guide you.

If you give your cat some alone time in its own space, that means that you can enjoy some peace and quiet as well. For humans, having their own space is crucial. Similarly, it is important that a feline have its own privacy from time to time.

A cat tree has a number of advantages. Your Siamese cat will be able to nap, climb, sleep, scratch, and spend time on it. Some cats are extremely active- this cat tree can be the perfect space for them. Of course, it would also keep your cat happy and distracted. Moreover, as a homeowner, you will not have to worry about your Siamese cat scratching the furniture in your house and destroying valuable antiques.

Why is a Cat Tree Important?

We talked about how important buying a cat tree for a Siamese cat is earlier. Due to their hyper nature, they are always very active and always need to be stimulated by toys. Their careless nature causes them to scratch furniture around the house while throwing around utensils. Who wants their brand-new sofa seat to be torn apart a week after it arrives?

While this hyper nature is seen in young kittens, older cats can also display frequent bursts of energy. It is common to see cats leaping and jumping from one place to another. Sometimes, when they run from one corner of the room to another, they damage and break things kept in the way. If your cat has a custom-made cat tree based on its likes and preferences, it will enjoy itself more. The best part is that cat furniture can be a saving grace for your furniture.

Cat trees today are absolutely stunning. Some of them are elaborate and contain lots of platforms, perches, holes to hide, scratching pots, and even cat toys that come attached.

If you have the budget, you can opt for cat trees with ramps, ladders, and other fun pieces that allow your cat to go crazy. After all, this is supposed to be a safe haven for your cats- they should be able to relax, play, and entertain themselves as much as they want here.

What to Consider When Buying a Cat Tree

1. Design

You can find cat trees available in a number of sizes, configurations, and designs. Each cat tree that you find has been designed for a number of reasons. It is a perfect place for your cat to chill, and if you keep it by the window, it becomes a perfect place for your cat to perch on.

Cats adore the top of the cat tree because of the elevation. They like having a full view of their surroundings as it makes them feel more secure. Some cat trees come with a number of scratching posts, along with some perching points and spaces that allow a cap to nap comfortably. Cat cradles and beds are common in cat trees.

You must decide what kind of cat tree would suit your pet cat. You will find lots of standard cat trees in the market, but the key is to customize these trees to suit your cat’s requirements.

2. Scratching

Every cat loves to scratch. It is their favorite hobby. In fact, cats scratch anything in sight- carpets, wooden furniture, ropes, doors- you name it.

If you do not know exactly what your cat likes scratching, you can opt for cat trees that have lots of scratching options.

3. Cat’s Personality

Your cat tree must be made according to your cat’s personality. When customizing a cat tree, choose one that is based on the size and age of your cat. Moreover, keep in mind your cat’s ability to climb and how active your cat really is.

A cat who loves climbing and spends its entire day doing different activities will enjoy a tall cat tree that has lots of levels. On the other hand, older cats who spend most of their time napping or do not like changing spots will prefer a cat tree that has lots of sleeping spots. Some trees also have different toys hanging here and there- these are great for kittens who enjoy playing.

4. Sturdiness

Of course, it goes without saying that the cat tree needs to be strong enough to be able to withstand the weight of the cat. Your cat is going to jump on the tree and take part in numerous activities. You do not want to get a cat tree that will break or snap with the slightest pressure, as this will leave the cat scarred. It will never be able to trust a cat tree in the future.

When buying a cat tree, make sure to check its sturdiness. Notice how it looks and the materials that have been used to construct it. Solid oak is a popular option with cat trees, and they also make the space look extremely attractive.

Some other factors that you need to consider are whether the cat tree should have platforms, ladders, or perches. If it has all of these, you need to check if it can tolerate the weight of these extra components. If you have lots of cats, you will have to get a big tree house or two tree houses so that all cats can have their fair share of fun.

Luckily, you can also get a cat tree that blends in with the furniture in your house and matches the décor perfectly. After all, a cat tree is also a piece of furniture. Getting the customized one will help it look great in your house. This should not be a problem as cat trees in modern times are designed to look exceptional. What’s stopping you from getting the best-looking cat tree for your little kitty?

Safety Tips

When buying a cat tree for a Siamese cat, it is important to keep these safety factors in mind:

  • The scratching post should not be too narrow or too tall. If the cat tree is too narrow and the shelves are not very wide, your cat will have a hard time finding its way down. This is especially true for kittens who need to look down before they jump.
  • If you get a cat tree with attached toys, it is important that the toys should not be too long or elastic as your cat runs the risk of accidentally wrapping them around its neck and choking.
  • The cat tree should not contain any sharp objects that could potentially harm your cat.
  • The base of the scratching post should be wide enough so that it does not shake too much under your cat’s weight or break if your cat starts jumping from one place to another.
  • Ensure that the cat tree is made from materials that are durable. Of course, cat trees that cost more are likely to use better construction materials. Set a budget that you are willing to spend on your cat, and remember that this tree is meant to last for a long time- it is a wonderful investment.

Alternative to Cat Trees

If you, for some reason, do not want a cat tree because of the space it would take or the money it would cost, we have an alternative for you- cat perches!

When you go shopping for your cat, you will find that not all kinds of cat perches come with the tree section. You can even get, for example, window-mounted perches for your cat that do not use up too much floor space in your house. In fact, these do not use any space at all since they are suspended in the air. Without a base that is attached, these perches can save loads of space, especially in a cramped apartment.

However, keep in mind that perches do not have a scratching post. This means that if your cat loves scratching furniture, you will be depriving it of its favorite hobby. In fact, you may also find your cat taking its frustration out elsewhere – maybe on the furniture around your house. Who wants that?