What to Keep in Mind When Letting Your Siamese Cat Go Outside

Siamese cat outside

Originally associated with royalty in Thailand, Siamese cats are known for their uniquely stunning appearance. Unlike many other cat breeds, these loyal and energetic creatures require a lot of special care. Even though the outside world has a lot of offer to these cats, it’s often loaded with danger. From cars to thieves to fleas to other cats, Siamese cats are exposed to a myriad of potential risks in the streets. Depending on the area you live in, your beloved feline can get into an accident, get stolen, or run into a fight with another cat or animal. At the same time, Siamese cats can also benefit from the natural stimulation that the outdoors offer.

That being said, many factors come into play when you’re thinking about letting your Siamese cat outside.

What You Need to Know About Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are indoor cats that are meant to live in homes. Breeds have the ability to breed cats with qualities they want to encourage. Although it can take many years, eventually, breeders are successfully able to le breed certain qualities in some cats.

Siamese cats were first found centuries ago in Thailand. Over the years, most of the wild features of this breed have disappeared. Now they have become a specialized breed that is sought out for their striking blue eyes and sleek bodies with a fine and glossy coat. After so many years of breeding for domesticated features, these felines simply have a challenging time surviving outside on their own.

Can a Siamese Cat Go Outside?

Most cat owners get their Siamese from a breeder. If you get one as a baby, it should not be left outdoors until it receives all its mandatory vaccinations. A Siamese kitten must also have limited contact and interactions with other cats and animals.

Let’s face it: it isn’t safe to let a normal cat roam freely outside, let alone one that belongs to the Siamese breed. As the owner of a Siamese cat, you need to find a way to meet the needs of your feline without putting it in danger.

You must know where your Siamese is at all times, so you don’t have to fear for the excessive dangers it faces outdoors, especially in a busy city. However, if you do decide to let your Siamese go outdoors, make sure to consider a few factors.

What to Keep in Mind When Letting Your Siamese Cat Go Outside

Here are a few things you need to consider before letting your Siamese outside.  

The Risk of Worms and Parasites

Humans take many precautions when stepping outdoors. Animals, on the other hand, are extremely different. Your Siamese cat will run into potentially dangerous things and then lick their fur and paws, risking some serious illnesses.

Your Siamese can catch parasites from digging through trash or walking in contaminated soil. It is also possible for them to ingest spoilt food from the neighbor’s trash cans that can cause worms in their stomach. Certain worms can be life-threatening if your cat doesn’t receive timely treatment.

Greater Vet Bills

Every responsible cat owner takes their feline for regular visits to the vet. A Siamese must receive its vaccinations and yearly exam. Vet bills can be quite high as it is, and let your cat roam outside, can increase them even more.

For instance, cats are territorial creatures that quickly run into fights outdoors, resulting in the need for emergency care for injuries. Moreover, since strays cats are unvaccinated, they can give your Siamese an infection through biting or scratching.

Cats also don’t look out for traffic, which can cause them to get hit by a car, resulting in permanent disability or fatality. Additionally, in case your Siamese needs surgery or has a long-term hospital stay, it will rack up your vet bill by several thousand dollars.

Lurking Dangers

There may be many dangers just waiting around the corner for your cat, especially if you live in a busy area. Not only can your Siamese run into loose dogs, but they can also come into contact with poison and unsavory people.

Dogs are known for chasing cats. Regardless of how observant and intelligent your Siamese is, some dogs can be pretty swift in attacking, causing severe injuries to your feline.

Many people put poisonous substances, such as pesticides and insecticides, to keep pests away. Some people also put yard chemicals and rat poison in their backyards, which can be a huge health hazard for your cat. Moreover, many flowers and garden shrubs, such as lilies, can be toxic for your cat.

Cats that roam freely outdoors also face the possibility of getting trapped in sheds and garages with no way to escape. Additionally, you can’t expect those in your neighborhood to be as kind to your Siamese as you are. With so many dangers lurking everywhere, there is no way to know for certain that your Siamese will remain safe outdoors.

Danger to Your Family

Your Siamese may return home after being outdoors for a long time. Although your pet may look alright, there’s no certain way to know if it is harboring any diseases that can be dangerous for your family. You can’t know where your Siamese wanders off too when you let them outdoor. Hence, there’s no way to know what they are bringing into your home from the streets.

Being the loving creature it is, your Siamese probably snuggles and cuddles with all family members. Maybe, they even sleep in your bed. Regardless of cleaning your home regularly, you can’t effectively eliminate the germs your cat on the loose is bringing in. Imagine your Siamese bringing all the germs from a dumpster into your home.

Given your responsibility to keep your family healthy, you must keep an eye on your Siamese, and the best way to do that is to keep them indoors.

Consider Your Neighbors

It can be impolite to let your Siamese cat all over the neighborhood. After all, there’s no for-sure way to know if your neighbors are allergic to cats or don’t like them at all. On the off chance that some of your neighbors do love cats, they still wouldn’t want someone else’s pet digging through their trash or roaming unsupervised in their backyard.

Since Siamese cats crave attention, they may walk up to strangers who do not wish to interact with them. Moreover, some of your neighbors may also own large dogs, and you can’t be sure whose yard your Siamese enters when roaming outdoors. In simple words, your neighbors shouldn’t have to be concerned about dealing with another person’s pet.

Running Into Fights

At some point, you have probably heard wailing stray cats during the night. Well, that’s because cats get into fights very quickly. Siamese cats are territorial, which may cause them to fight with any animals that enter your yard. You probably won’t even be aware of the fight until your cat is injured or goes missing. Moreover, your cat probably won’t even survive if it runs into a fight with a larger cat or a dog.

These fights can be pretty dangerous and maybe even life-threatening as they can result in serious injuries, infections, and scars. Your Siamese may even become more fearful and challenging to handle due to the trauma suffered from a fight.

The Threat of Going Missing or Getting Stolen

Siamese cats have an inquisitive and adventurous nature that encourages them to wander freely outdoors. However, this is quite threatening as it places them at risk of getting lost or stolen. Since Siamese cats are a unique-looking breed with beautiful eyes and stunning fur, some people might try to steal and sell them for a good amount of money.

Alternate Outdoor Options for a Siamese

Well, the outdoors are not all bad. Fresh air and sunlight can most certainly benefit your feline by helping ward off depression and giving them an overall satisfying feel. However, you don’t have to let your cat alone outdoors. Instead, you need to create a safe space for them.

If you live in an apartment, secure your balcony by installing baby gates on the bars and covering the open area with netting. If you live in a house, your Siamese will enjoy an outdoor enclosure. Enclosed sunrooms and porches are also great areas for your Siamese to play.

Wrapping Up

Siamese cats are very loyal, loving, and playful pets that will quickly become the highlight of your home. These highly intelligent and energetic pets can make great companions, as long as you remember that they were bred as indoor cats. As a pet parent to a Siamese, you must commit to protecting them from the dangers lurking outdoors, especially in busy living areas and cities.

Letting your Siamese cat roam outdoors unattended can expose them to a myriad of potential dangers that can cause your feline to get hurt, sick, stolen, or even die if they walk into the wrong place. If you insist on raising a cat that can adjust to both indoors and the outdoors, this is not the right breed for you. This designer cat must be kept safe and healthy within the comfort of your home.