12 Cat Breeds that Get Along Well with Siamese Cats

Cat breeds that get along well with Siamese cats

Siamese cats are known for their distinct yet beautiful looks. When you think of Siamese cats, you probably think of a sleek-bodied cat with a silvery gray coat and striking blue eyes. But they come in a variety of colors. You can also find Siamese cats with lilac or silvery-blue fur or a brown or cream-colored coat and soft brown eyes. 

However, their looks are not what make Siamese cats a favorite among cat owners. It is their friendly and loving nature. If you own a Siamese cat, you know exactly what we are talking about. Siamese cats love to love. They will likely sit on your lap, trail right behind you, and talk to you at the end of each day to fill you in on the events of the day. 

In fact, Siamese cats are one of the oldest breeds of domesticated cats. They are an absolute delight to have as pets and get along beautifully with humans. But are they friendly with other felines, or are they possessive? Lucky for cat lovers, Siamese cats are extremely friendly and get along well with most other cats as long as they have a similar, playful and friendly temperament. 

Dogs actually make for excellent companions for Siamese cats. You will see them running around and playing together all day. It will be chaotic in the house for sure, but it will also be amazing. However, if you put your Siamese with an aggressive or hostile cat, it will be trouble in the house. 

Here are 12 cat breeds that get along well with Siamese cats.

1. Persian Cats

Persian cats are a well-known and quite a popular breed. These fluff balls are an absolute delight to have as pets. They are extremely cuddle-able, friendly, and patient. In fact, they are one of the most patient cat breed to ever exist. No matter how annoyingly jumpy, skirmish, or playful the Siamese cat will be, the Persian will happily put up with it. 

You will surely enjoy having the two together under your roof. They are both loving and friendly by nature. The Persian cat is a true diva, a friendly one, and the Siamese cat is an absolutely adorable friend. You can expect to find the two taking a nap together after the Siamese cat has successfully tired itself out after running around the Persian cat all day.

2. Bengal

If you are looking for a playmate for your Siamese, the Bengal is the one for you. These two have a similar temperament in the sense that they will both try to be friends with each other almost instantly. They also have a similar body structure, and you will likely find them running around all day. 

However, Bengal cats are naturally hunters and will likely pounce on any smaller pet such as hamsters or bunnies. Trying to keep the little one alive, happy, and not scared for their life may prove to be a challenge with the Bengal cat. So, if you have a smaller pet in the house, a Bengal Cat is not for you. 

3. Exotic Short Hair

If your Siamese is a little too playful for you to handle at times, you may want to consider getting a more placid housemate for them, and the exotic short hair is the perfect choice for you. They are not as playful but are extremely friendly and loving, and their cute looks more than make up for their lack of activity. 

They like cuddles and will purr in your lap or take a nap. Your Siamese cat will enjoy their company and get along well with the short hair. You won’t find these two running around together, but you will find them taking naps together.

4. Birman

A Birman looks very similar to a Siamese but is quite the opposite when it comes to temperament. The cat loves children and humans and is incredibly patient and kind to other animals and companions in the house. Its patience level is what makes it an ideal match for a Siamese cat. 

They both have similar features, with the Birman also sporting bright blue eyes and a creamy white fur coat making them quite an exotic pair to look at. 

5. Russian Blue

Pairing a Russian Blue with a Siamese is like pairing a cat with a dog, for the Russian Blue loves to play, jump around and cuddle. No matter where you go, it will be right by your feet, trailing behind extremely happily. 

These cats love to cuddle as much as they love to play. If you do pair them with your Siamese, you can expect the two to be perfect partners in crime. They can be quite a lot to handle, especially if they are both young and energetic, but they are also an absolute delight. 

6. Oriental Short Hair

The oriental short hair is another breed similar to the Siamese in appearance and in temperament. Those who don’t know much about cats might not be able to tell the two apart because of how similar they both are in appearance and behavior.

You will find them running around the house or in the backyard at the speed of lightning. If you don’t like jumpy, playful cats, you should not go for this duo, for they are chaotic, to say the least. But if you want the best partner for your Siamese, Oriental Short Hair is an ideal candidate. 

7. Tonkinese

The Tonkinese is a mix between a Siamese and a Burmese cat, and it is almost always the life of the party. The cat loves cuddles, playing, and lazing around equally. It is extremely social and lovable, and you will likely find your Siamese and Tonkinese giving each other baths and taking naps together on the couch.

But that doesn’t mean the Tonkinese is lazy; the cat can outplay a Siamese with the amount of energy that is packed into its little body. 

8. Scottish Fold 

The Scottish fold has a very relaxed temperament. It can tolerate just about any mischief your Siamese may pull off. The cat is docile by nature, so you can expect some peace but a lot of love from the Siamese and Scottish Fold pairing. 

If you have a puppy and young kids in the house along with your Siamese, you should seriously consider getting a Scottish Fold as they bring much-needed calm to the group. 

9. Siberian 

The Siberian is not one to be messed with and not because they are aggressive. In fact, they are the opposite of aggressive. These big cats are extremely calm, and nothing really ever ruffles their feathers, probably because they have too many to ruffle. 

If you are looking for a cuddle companion for your Siamese, the Siberian is an ideal choice for you. Your Siamese will treat your Siberian with respect, but these two will also be extremely loving towards each other, making them an ideal pair. 

10. Maine Coon 

Yes, the Maine Coon is also an ideal companion for your Siamese. The Maine Coon is one of the most common domestic cats, and with good reason too. They are absolutely lovable and have the cutest faces that you could just hold and kiss all over. They are also quite huge in size but are extremely gentle. 

They aren’t as active as Siamese cats, but they aren’t exactly lazy either. They have their moments and prefer a good balance between play and relaxation. They could actually help induce a sense of discipline in your Siamese.

11. Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is not one to shy away from the company. The cat has a true diva attitude and walks into a room like it’s walking on a ramp. She loves to love and be loved and will demand cuddles and attention. Honestly, the minute the Abyssinian walks into the room, you will want to give it attention, for they are quite exotic to look at. 

They are also quite calm in terms of temperament, making them ideal partners for Siamese cats. The Abyssinian will have your Siamese wrapped around its tail, maybe even calming it down a little. 

12. Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is the calmest cat breed to ever exist. There really isn’t a cat breed, human, or dog that will not love your Ragdoll. They are a beautiful breed with heavy fur and amazingly captivating eyes. Their patience level is truly unmatched. If your Siamese cat has a track record of being a little more than other cats can take, a ragdoll is an ideal choice for you. 

Final Word!

Siamese is quite playful by nature. Though they are quite social and go along well with most cats, you may want to choose a cat based on their needs. If they are young, they will need a playful companion. If they are older and are more docile now, they will need a calm friend.

In our list of cat breeds that get along well with Siamese cats, we have tried to provide a healthy variety of both calm and playful cats for you to choose from.