What You Need to Know About Giving Your Siamese Cat Milk

What You Need to Know About Giving Your Siamese Cat Milk

You might have seen countless television shows and cartoons in which cats happily finish their big bowls of milk. How many of you remember the cat Tom from Tom and Jerry always fighting for milk? However, what is the truth when it comes to Siamese cats? Can they drink milk?

Most Siamese cats have a genetic disorder that does not allow their bodies to digest lactose. Hence, giving milk to your Siamese cat is not a great idea. Even though milk is great for other mammals, Siamese cats have sensitive tummies. If you do not want to spend the day cleaning up your cat’s poop, it is best to steer clear of milk.

Now, there is one kind of milk that could actually suit your Siamese cat. You will learn about that soon. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about giving your Siamese cat milk.

Can Siamese Cats Not Have Milk?

Siamese cats, along with most other cats, cannot have milk. This is because these felines have a tough time digesting lactose. Lactose is the sugar that milk and milk products contain. Hence, giving your Siamese cat milk is not the best idea.

Do you remember Sally the Siamese drinking milk on the house porch? If you nodded your head enthusiastically, what you may not remember from this old movie is that in the sequel, Sally rushes to the litter box and hell breaks loose.

Now, you might be wondering if kittens drink milk. To answer your question, yes, milk is important for kittens as they grow. If you are raising a litter of kittens with no mother cat, you will have to provide them with a milk replacement so that they are provided with enough nutrients to grow. You will find loads of milk replacements available on Amazon that are great for kittens, from bitch to weaning.

Once kittens are done with their weaning period, the enzyme that helps digest lactose fades away. There is no science to prove why this happens. However, it is no secret that cats are aware that their bodies do not react well to milk. You might often see your Siamese cat taking a few sips out of your cereal bowl, only to stop suddenly. We believe that cats know how to listen to their bodies.

What Happens if You Give Your Siamese Cat Milk?

If a human is intolerant to lactose and they drink milk, what would happen? They would spend hours on the toilet and deal with bloating all day. Similarly, giving your Siamese cat milk is not a great idea as they cannot digest it. The lactose that is undigested starts to ferment. While this may not apply to all felines, it is definitely the case for Siamese cats.

Giving your Siamese cat milk may cause nausea, which may eventually lead to heavy diarrhea, as well as vomiting. In the long run, this would cause excessive weight loss. When your cat realizes that something is wrong with its body, it will start to feel incredibly anxious. Soon, this anxiety will cause it to scratch the furniture all over the house, and it will start to overgroom itself.

The gist is that giving your Siamese cat milk will only result in loads of problems for you and your cat. If you really want to give your cat a milk treat, you can look for “cat milk” products in the market that are safe to digest. These products use lactose-free milk that will not cause your cat to fall sick.

What Kind of Milk Can Siamese Cats Drink?

Thinking about giving your Siamese cat milk? Don’t. The only kind of milk that is safe for your Siamese cat to drink is the one that the mother cat naturally feeds her. While milk may have numerous benefits for humans, the same logic does not apply to cats. In fact, you would be surprised to know how many humans cannot digest milk.

The milk that the mother cat feeds her children is full of nutrients and calories that are important for a kitten’s growth. This is the best way for the cat to consume calories since they cannot really chew food at such a young age. For the first two weeks of their lives, Siamese kittens are blind, so they cannot really eat anything without their mother’s help.

A mother cat’s milk includes the following proteins:

1. Biotin

Biotin is a B-complex vitamin that is also known as vitamin H. It allows the body to metabolize fats. Moreover, it is critical for building the nervous system, especially for kittens that are only a couple of days old.

2. Iodine

Iodine creates the thyroid hormone in kittens, which helps stabilize the metabolism. When a kitten is in its crucial growth stage, the thyroid hormone plays an essential part. Moreover, it also helps provide the kitten with oxygen and ensures cell production.

3. Magnesium

Magnesium is known to make the bones in the body strong. This is also true for the bodies of Siamese kittens. Moreover, magnesium is an essential mineral needed to keep the kitten’s heart functioning properly.

4. Potassium

Potassium helps keep the body in check by regulating fluids and minerals necessary for the cells in the body. Potassium also ensures that the blood pressure in the cat’s body is stable and that its muscles remain flexible.

Hence, a mother cat’s milk is highly beneficial for a Siamese kitten. Not only does it help it grow, but it is essential to keep it alive.

What Is the Safest Drink for a Siamese Cat to Have?

If you are looking for a drink to give your Siamese cat, it is best to stick to water. As soon as your kitten is 12-weeks-old, you can slowly take it off milk. However, just like humans, cats also need to stay hydrated. Lucky for you, you do not have to find some exquisite drink for your kitties. Simply use the water coming into your faucet.

Now, do not be mistaken. You might find that some Siamese cats do not have trouble digesting milk. This could be because milk is mainly 85 percent water. Moreover, these Siamese cats could have tough stomachs that do not have any problem breaking down lactose that is present in milk.

Even if your Siamese cat drinks milk, it is essential to hydrate it with water. Cats, like humans, need water for their bodies to function. Water ensures that food is digested properly, the stool is passed, and crystals do not form in the urine. Moreover, water ensures that the tissues and joints in the body are kept hydrated so that they do not dry out and crack or cause difficulty in movement.

Since cats’ bodies are so tiny, they can be dehydrated really fast. While humans can go a couple of days without water, it can become dangerous for cats to not drink water for even a few hours. A cat’s body digests water much faster than the human bodies, which is why you should always keep a bowl of clean, fresh water for your cat even when you do not think it is thirsty.


Sometimes, you will find your Siamese cat poking its head in your bowl of cereal or glass of chocolate milk. It may take a sip or two, but you will soon find that the cat moves away from the glass automatically. This is characteristically different from how Siamese cats usually will not budge till you give them half your meal or entertain them. This is because cats know that they do not react well to milk.

Moreover, you may also find your cat burying its face in your navel or constantly nudging your stomach. This is because Siamese cats think that you will provide them with milk. This is usually common in younger kittens who are in the growing stage and missing the comfort of their mother. It’s almost like us humans who crave our mother’s chicken soup on sick days even though we are adults.

If your Siamese cat portrays this behavior trait, don’t get too concerned. Sometimes, cats just need some sort of psychosomatic comfort. They may also be trying to bond with you or show you that they trust you. However, whatever you do, remember that giving your Siamese cat milk is not an option. It may seem like it wants its mother’s milk, but it is past the age where its stomach can safely digest the lactose found in milk.