Male vs. Female Siamese Cats: What Should I Get?

Siamese cat relaxing

You have probably decided to get a Siamese cat but are wondering whether a male or a female Siamese would be better suited for you. Although both genders make amazing pets, there are a few differences in their personalities and behavior.

Siamese cats are generally loving, loyal, and affectionate pets. However, it’s important to note that the personality of a cat depends largely on its breed more than any other factor. However, you also can’t deny the differences between the sexes. Having a general idea about male and female Siamese cats can help you make an informed decision when adopting them.

This article covers everything you need to know about male and female Siamese cats.

Pros and Cons of Female Siamese Cats

It is important to consider the pros and cons of both the sexes of this wonderful cat breed before making a decision regarding their adoption.


Female Siamese cats tend to be averagely affectionate compared to their male counterparts. While this may be a con for pet parents who are looking for an overly cuddly pet, it is one of the biggest benefits for pet parents that like their own space from time to time. Female Siamese cats are very social. These well-mannered cats tend to be more reserved and disciplined, but also easily blend in with new people. Moreover, female Siamese cats tend to be more independent, making them a preferable choice for pet parents who don’t have too much time for their pets.


As great as female Siamese cats are, they can be very moody at times, making it hard to manage them. Un-spayed females also tend to smell very bad and can easily get annoyed or irritated. Even though generally very disciplined, female Siamese cats can be extremely vocal at times. Moreover, female Siamese cats in heat are also more noisy and defensive.

Pros and Cons of Male Siamese Cats


Siamese cats are generally considered as a very affectionate breed. Male Siamese cats, however, are more loving, cuddly, and affectionate than female Siamese cats. With a very mellow and relaxed temper, these cats are quite active and playful. Although all Siamese cats require a lot of love and attention to be happy, male Siamese cats crave more attention from their human parents.


Un-neutered Siamese male cats can behave quite aggressively compared to neutered males. Just like un-spayed females, Un-neutered Siamese male cats spray, which means that their urine smells quite bad. Male Siamese cats are pretty active and love roaming around. This is a potential risk since they might try to escape out of the house.

Male vs. Female Siamese Cats: How does their Behavior Differ?

The behavioral differences between male and female Siamese cats are subtle since behavior is largely determined by a cat’s personality, irrespective of its gender. However, there is are prominent behavioral differences in cats who aren’t spayed or neutered.

Both male and female Siamese cats act differently when they are intact. While males tend to be more aggressive, females display more needy behavior. You can also check this more in-depth article about Siamese cat personality and behaviour.

Un-neutered male cats become territorial at the time of sexual maturity. They will try to run away from home in search of a female male to satisfy their sexual desire. On the other hand, un-spayed female cats display show erratic behavior when in heat. They become quite defensive, moody, and try to escape home in search of a suitable mate. Un-spayed female Siamese cats also experience a range of emotions, extending from the affection that changes into anger and aggression.

Once your Siamese has been spayed or neutered, they mellow out. While male Siamese cats become more cuddly and affectionate, females become calm and relaxed.

Does Spaying or Neutering Impact the Behavior of a Siamese Cat? How So?

Spaying or neutering refers to the removal of a cat’s reproductive organs. Conducting these procedures on Siamese cats brings about a huge positive change in their behavior. Once neutered or spayed, a Siamese male becomes friendlier and more social. This is mainly due to the decrease of testosterone in their body.

Here are some behavioral changes you can expect to notice in your male Siamese cat after neutering:

  • No more foul-smelling spray
  • Less aggressiveness
  • Lower tendency to run away
  • Less active and more laid back
  • Increase in need for affection
  • Lesser desire to fight other males or cats
  • Higher inclination to remain indoors
  • Decrease in muscle mass

Female Siamese cats also undergo a lot of behavioral changes after being spayed. Decreased levels of estrogen in their body reduces negative behavior, including a decrease in irritability, anxiety, and restlessness, less aggressiveness, and lower chances of running away. A female Siamese cat becomes more passive and reserved after being spayed.

Here are some behavioral changes you can expect to notice in your female Siamese cat after spaying:

  • Less irritable and restless
  • More consistent behavior
  • Less aggressive
  • No more foul-smelling spray
  • A lot less vocal
  • More laid back
  • Spending more timeindoors
  • More reserved and disciplined

Male and Female Siamese Cats: How Big Do They Get?

Siamese cats are generally average-sized felines with sharp and slender features. These felines have a muscular and athletic build and are widely recognized for their distinguished head shape and coat color.

A fully-grown Siamese cat typically weighs between 8 and 12 pounds. With an athletic and muscular body, male Siamese cats tend to be 29-35 cm tall and weigh between 8-12 pounds. Female Siamese cats, on the other hand, are around 27-31cm tall and weigh between 6 to 8 pounds.

Whether male or female, certain Siamese cats can be tiny in size. This can be the result of multiple factors, including:

  • The breed and type of the Siamese cat
  • Genetics
  • The choice of certain breeders to produce small Siamese cats
  • Lack of proper nutrition

Who is More Affectionate? Male or Female Siamese Cats?

Both male and female Siamese cats are loving, affectionate, and sociable beings. However, the majority of Siamese cat owners suggest that males display more affection and require more attention than their female counterparts.

Male Siamese cats enjoy the company of their human parents and are also very playful and outgoing. That being said, both sexes have equal love and affection to offer. A large part of keeping a Siamese cat happy is spending a lot of quality time with them and catering to their needs.

Male vs. Female Siamese Cats: Who Eats More?

Male Siamese cats tend to be heavier, bigger, and more muscular than their female counterparts, given that they are generally stronger. Hence, male Siamese cats require most food since they need a healthy amount of calories to sustain their bodies. On the other hand, female Siamese cats tend to have a higher caloric intake when they are lactating or pregnant to nurse and nourish their kittens.

However, it is important to note that the amount of food a Siamese requires depends largely on its lifestyle. An energetic and active cat will naturally have a higher calorie intake, and hence, eat more food.

Male vs. Female Siamese Cats: Settling the Debate

When deciding between a male and female Siamese cat, you need to choose according to what you’re looking for. Since the personality of a cat can differ according to their breed and gender, you want to find a Siamese that blends in with your lifestyle and suits your personality, as well.

Both male and female Siamese cats are amazing creatures that make great pets. However, there are a few differences in the personalities.

Male Siamese cats are generally more affectionate, crave attention, and love cuddling. Neutered male Siamese cats are extremely nice and friendly. Male Siamese cats are also more sociable and love the attention their owners give. These furballs thrive on playtime and interaction with humans and get attached quite easily. Moreover, male Siamese cats also tend to be more playful than females. However, this doesn’t mean that females don’t love to play at all.

If you’re searching for a Siamese that is more quiet, humble, and obedient, then you should opt for a female Siamese cat. With their mild and well-behaved personalities, female Siamese cats are generally known to be more reserve and less playful. While Siamese cats are generally a very affectionate breed, most female Siamese cats are less affectionate compared to their male counterparts.

Although male and females cats have quite distinctive personality traits, it is important to understand that all Siamese cats have a character of their own. This personality isn’t based on their gender but relies mostly on their general nature.

The best idea is to adopt a Siamese cat for a few weeks to gauge their nature and to see if they are a suitable pet for you or not.